Until you end the marketing campaign in Outriders, World Tier governs virtually the whole lot within the sport — the problem, the extent of your rewards, and extra. But when you end the Outriders marketing campaign and unlock the Expeditions endgame exercise, you’ll additionally unlock Challenge Tier. Challenge Tier replaces World Tier for Expeditions, and impacts your endgame gear.

In this Outriders Challenge Tier guide, we’ll clarify Outriders’ Challenge Tier is, the way it works, and find out how to improve it.

What is your Challenge Tier?

Outriders Expeditions tooltip

You need to decrease your Expedition completion time to lift your Challenge Tier
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Challenge Tier is your issue stage in Outriders Expeditions. Like World Tier, it additionally determines how rewarding your loot is.

When you first unlock Expeditions, the Challenge Tier that you simply begin at relies on your World Tier stage on the finish of the marketing campaign. We completed the marketing campaign with our first character at World Tier 13 and will immediately go into Challenge Tier 5. But on our second character, we blazed by way of the marketing campaign at World Tier Three and needed to begin at Challenge Tier 1.

When you choose an Expedition to go on in any camp, you’ll additionally choose a Challenge Tier. At the underside of the display screen, you’ll see a sign of enemy and loot stage. This goes up as your Challenge Tier does, and it tells you the way powerful your opponents might be. Level 40 enemies will drop stage 40 loot, and so forth as much as stage 50. To get quicker instances in your Expeditions and turn into extra highly effective, you’ll want greater stage loot, which implies you’ll have to struggle greater stage enemies.

Challenge Tier additionally determines the form of rewards you’ll get. At Challenge Tier 6, you solely have a 0.75% probability at a Legendary every time an merchandise drops from the Drop Pod on the finish of an Expedition. Even if you happen to get 4 objects, that’s a very low Legendary probability. But at Challenge Tier 15, you might have a 25% probability at a Legendary every time an merchandise drops.

It’s price noting that your Challenge Tier doesn’t affect how tough enemies are in different actions. If you had been to do a non-Expedition exercise after you end the marketing campaign, the enemy issue follows your World Tier, not your Challenge Tier.

Once you get to the Outriders endgame, there’s little motive to stage up your World Tier (you’ll get some assured Legendaries for the previous couple of ranges, however leveling your World Tier is a prolonged course of). If you solely care about Expeditions, concentrate on elevating your Challenge Tier above the rest.

Finally, Challenge Tier doesn’t change the variety of enemies in an encounter, it solely scales them as much as the extent related to the problem tier. To get a full image of how scaling works in Challenge Tiers, take a look at or chart under.

How to lift your Challenge Tier

Paxian Homestead pre-mission start screen Outriders

At this low Challenge Tier, any medal will elevate my Tier to 7
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To elevate your Challenge Tier in Outriders, it is advisable to attain sure medal thresholds on Expeditions. Each Expedition presents a gold, silver, bronze, and completion medal, relying on how lengthy you’re taking to finish the Expedition. Getting medals on the very best — or at decrease ranges, the second-highest — Challenge Tier you’ve unlocked means that you can improve your Challenge Tier.

For instance, to achieve Challenge Tier 7, it’s essential to full a bronze, silver, or gold medal on any Expedition at Challenge Tier 6. The “+1 Tier” icon within the Challenge Tier menu denotes medal you want earlier than upgrading to the subsequent Tier. But at greater ranges, you solely go as much as the subsequent Challenge Tier if you happen to get gold in your present stage, akin to Tier 14 to 15.

Once you’re at Challenge Tier 15, you may’t go any greater. The objective then turns into to grind stage 50 gear till you’re able to tackle the Eye of the Storm Expedition and defeat the sport’s closing boss.

Challenge Tier chart

Challenge Tiers scale enemies and rewards primarily based on the extent of Challenge Tier you need to compete on. The scaling jumps exhausting at sure ranges, like Challenge Tier 9 and Challenge Tier 11. Challenge Tier 15 is the very best tier, and the one one the place you may full the Eye of the Storm Expedition.

Here’s the entire Challenge Tier chart that will help you preserve observe of the varied difficulties. Note that even if you happen to don’t full a Challenge Tier in time, you’ll get “bonus rewards” by ending it after the timer, impartial of your chosen Challenge Tier.

Outriders’ Challenge Tier chart

Challenge TierEnemy and loot stageGold rewards – Four dropsSilver rewards – Three dropsBronze rewards – 2 drops
Challenge TierEnemy and loot stageGold rewards – Four dropsSilver rewards – Three dropsBronze rewards – 2 drops
Tier 0131Legendary: 0% Epic: 50% Rare: 50%Legendary: 0% Epic: 35% Rare: 65%Legendary: 0% Epic: 20% Rare: 80%
Tier 0232Legendary: 0% Epic: 55% Rare: 45%Legendary: 0% Epic: 40% Rare: 60%Legendary: 0% Epic: 25% Rare: 75%
Tier 0334Legendary: 0% Epic: 60% Rare: 40%Legendary: 0% Epic: 45% Rare: 55%Legendary: 0% Epic: 30% Rare: 70%
Tier 0435Legendary: 0% Epic: 65% Rare: 35%Legendary: 0% Epic: 50% Rare: 50%Legendary: 0% Epic: 35% Rare: 65%
Tier 0537Legendary: 0% Epic: 70% Rare: 30%Legendary: 0% Epic: 55% Rare: 45%Legendary: 0% Epic: 40% Rare: 60%
Tier 0638Legendary: 0.75% Epic: 73% Rare: 26.2%Legendary: 0.37% Epic: 58% Rare: 41.6%Legendary: 0.19% Epic: 43% Rare: 56.8%
Tier 0740Legendary: 1.25% Epic: 76% Rare: 22.8%Legendary: 0.63% Epic: 61% Rare: 38.4%Legendary: 0.31% Epic: 46% Rare: 53.6%
Tier 0841Legendary: 2.5% Epic: 79% Rare: 18.5%Legendary: 1.25% Epic: 64% Rare: 34.7%Legendary: 0.63% Epic: 49% Rare: 50.4%
Tier 0943Legendary: 5% Epic: 82% Rare: 13%Legendary: 2.5% Epic: 67% Rare: 30.5%Legendary: 1.25% Epic: 52% Rare: 46.8%
Tier 1044Legendary: 6% Epic: 85% Rare: 9%Legendary: 3% Epic: 70% Rare: 27%Legendary: 1.5% Epic: 55% Rare: 43.5%
Tier 1146Legendary: 7.5% Epic: 87% Rare: 5.5%Legendary: 3.75% Epic: 72% Rare: 27%Legendary: 1.88% Epic: 57% Rare: 41.1%
Tier 1247Legendary: 10% Epic: 89% Rare: 1%Legendary: 5% Epic: 74% Rare: 21%Legendary: 2.5% Epic: 59% Rare: 38.5%
Tier 1348Legendary: 15% Epic: 85% Rare: 0%Legendary: 7.5% Epic: 76% Rare: 16.5%Legendary: 3.75% Epic: 61% Rare: 35.2%
Tier 1449Legendary: 20% Epic: 80% Rare: 0%Legendary: 10% Epic: 78% Rare: 12%Legendary: 5% Epic: 63% Rare: 32%
Tier 1550Legendary: 25% Epic: 75% Rare: 0%Legendary: 12.5% Epic: 80% Rare: 7.5%Legendary: 6.25% Epic: 65% Rare: 28.7%