For April Fools’ Day, Blizzard launched a sweeping sequence of adjustments to Overwatch that makes many heroes on the roster a nightmare to cope with. Mei is now a tank with a ton of well being. Junkrat can drop three of his bear traps without delay. And McCree will get an ammo refund each time he lands a headshot.

Oh, and D.Va can crush her opponents to dying by summoning her mech, resulting in full workforce kills like this one:

So after I say some heroes at the moment are a nightmare to cope with, I actually imply they’re enjoyable to play with (and infrequently in opposition to).

Of course, these adjustments are presently restricted to Overwatch’s Experimental recreation mode, the place Blizzard usually checks out minor balances adjustments. Don’t count on it to be round eternally, particularly with a brand new seasonal occasion (Overwatch Archives) kicking off April 6.

Many of Overwatch’s “joke” adjustments should keep or be included into the principle recreation, many followers say, as a result of they’ve made Overwatch enjoyable once more. Nearly 5 years into the hero shooter’s existence, a sequence of April Fools’ Day goofs have breathed new life the sport. (The full patch notes for Experimental mode are additionally delightfully cheeky.)

Some of the higher adjustments to Overwatch in Experimental mode tackle the sport’s defend downside. Sigma now not has a defend in any respect; as an alternative, he can fly across the map with out regard for gravity. Baptiste’s Immortality Field, successfully one other layer of protecting, now not supplies its signature immortality, as an alternative lowering general harm.

Zenyatta has increased mobility through limited levitation (enjoyable!). Reaper can now “fly” in his ghostly Wraith mode (is smart!). Mercy can now goal enemy gamers and zoom towards them utilizing her Guardian Angel ability (which makes Valkyrie-mode Mercy much more terrifying).

Few of those adjustments really feel “balanced.” Roadhog’s chain hook getting a shorter cooldown timer when it lands feels type of damaged. I’m unsure Soldier: 76’s ult actually wanted a buff. And the variety of characters flying round now feels unsustainable in the long term. But virtually all the pieces feels enjoyable.

Some of those adjustments to heroes are successfully a preview of Overwatch 2, which is able to embody character development and hero abilities. Those abilities can be restricted to the sport’s PvE cooperative part, so far as we all know, they usually’ll combine up how we play heroes we’ve spent a half-decade with now. The Experimental patch additionally looks as if a simple means for Blizzard to barely break everybody within the recreation, and check out dramatic adjustments unexpectedly.

With Overwatch 2 nonetheless far off and no new blood within the recreation for practically a 12 months (since Echo arrived), it’s been nice to see Overwatch really feel recent once more, if just for a short while.