Paradox Interactive’s annual showcase is now precisely one month away, the place we’re anticipating to get new bulletins on upcoming tasks, together with a brand new Crusader Kings 3 DLC and Victoria 3’s announcement (not).

The strategy games writer is marking the ‘road to PDXCon’ by working a ‘mega’ campaign stream, the place it plans to play a single linked run by a number of grand strategy games. The mega-game will begin in Crusader Kings III on the 867 begin date, earlier than going transferring on to Europa Universalis IV, then on to Hearts of Iron IV earlier than lastly taking to the celebs in a game of Stellaris. The occasion will likely be run throughout 5 days over the subsequent month.

The group will be capable of actively take part to assist form how the video games proceed, as per the announcement post: “Acting as our ‘senate’, you can influence how each campaign unfolds. Want to see a more military-focused nation, or one that values the power of diplomacy or trade? You can shape the course of our nation through all four games.”

The Crusader Kings III leg has already begun on Paradox’s Twitch channel, and is because of run till 10pm CEST / 1pm PDT / 9pm BST:

Here are the timings for the opposite phases:

  • The EU4 leg will begin at 12pm CEST / 3am PDT / 11am BST on April 28 and finish at 10pm CEST / 1pm PDT / 9pm BST.
  • Hearts of Iron IV will begin at 12pm CEST / 3am PDT / 11am BST on May 7 and finish at 10pm CEST / 1pm PDT / 9pm BST

The ultimate Stellaris arc will run on May 15 and 16, with streams going down between 12pm CEST / 3am PDT / 11am BST and 10pm CEST / 1pm PDT / 9pm BST on each days.

We’re undecided how the builders are going to deal with porting the game state from one game to a different for the time being. Official save converters exist to hold key info from CK3 all through to Hearts of Iron IV, though it’s speculated to be CK > Victoria > EU > EU4.

So Victoria II’s 19th Century setting will likely be skipped, and there’s no official converter between Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris. We’ve reached out to Paradox for clarification on how it plans to port game knowledge for the occasion.

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PDXCon Remixed runs between May 21 – 23, and is a free occasion.