There’s a Pokemon Sword and Shield April Fools’ Day occasion, and it includes some irritating Magikarp. They’ve briefly infested the Wild Area’s dens and are all uncatchable. [Thanks, Serebii!]

Here’s the way it works. Once you hop into Pokemon Sword or Shield and replace the Wild Area, Magikarp shall be all over the place. Approaching one in every of these dens will set off a warning message that claims, “You can’t catch this Pokemon. Is that OK?” If you agree and go right into a Max Raid in opposition to one, the battle will initially go as deliberate. All it would do is use Splash and Flail to assault. You’ll additionally nonetheless get merchandise drops from the battle, as traditional. I acquired EXP Candies L and XL, Dynamax Candies, Armorite Ore, Dynite Ore, a Pearl, a Waterfall TM, a Surf TM, a Muddy Water TM, and a Hydro Pump TM.

This isn’t the primary time Magikarp has been a star of a Max Raid occasion. The character was the featured Pokemon for the New Year’s 2020 Max Raids. People who performed between December 31, 2019 and January 3, 2020 would see them extra usually and have an opportunity of catching a shiny model of the character in-game.

Prior to the Magikarp occasion, it was simpler to seek out grass-type Pokemon in Wild Area dens. Specifically, characters like Bellossom, Cherrim, Comfey, Lilligant, Lurantis, and Vileplume had been lurking about.

Pokemon Sword and Shield can be found for the Nintendo Switch, and its April Fools’ Day Magikarp occasion is on the market on April 1, 2021.