Just about every part resets while you die in Returnal, however one useful resource follows you thru every loss of life: ether. This time-touring assets stays in your stock while you respawn again at your ship. So how do you utilize it?

In this Returnal ether guide, we’ll present you the way it works, clarify all of the a number of makes use of this uncommon assets has, and let you know what to not spend it on.

Spending ether

Ether is a uncommon useful resource you’ll discover scattered all through every of the biome’s within the recreation. They appear like small, misshapen orbs. When you discover one, the merchandise description reads:

A everlasting useful resource that interacts with different timelines and cleanses Malignancy.

Unlike different Returnal gadgets like obolites, artifacts, or consumables, ether stays in your stock after you die. Since it’s a particular useful resource, it has a number of makes use of.

Cleansing malignant objects

You’ll come throughout gadgets within the recreation which have change into maligned. Everything from keys, to resin that will increase swimsuit integrity, merchandise containers, and even obolite chunks can change into malignant.

If you work together with a malignant object, there’s an opportunity you possibly can achieve a malfunction. Malfunctions are non permanent unfavourable results or debuffs. You gained’t have the ability to take away a malfunction till you attain a situation to remove it.

A malignant key in Returnal

You can choose up this key, however it’s possible you’ll get a malfunction
Image: Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment by way of Polygon

Ether can cleanse the malignancy from an merchandise. Each object may have totally different prices. When you cleanse an object, it turns into regular, and also you gained’t endure any results for selecting it up.

While this can be a good approach to fill up on assets, the commerce-off isn’t all the time worthwhile. Ether has different, extra useful makes use of.

Unlock new gadgets on the Cthonos

When you first begin Returnal, you gained’t have entry to many artifacts, gadgets, or consumables. You can unlock new items of substances when you’re fortunate sufficient to discover a datacube and a datacube processor, but it surely’s not straightforward. A a lot simpler approach to unlock gadgets is with the Cthonos.

The Cthonos is an obelisk that unlocks new gadgets. You’ll discover it originally of every new run. Deposit varied quantities of ether into it, and also you’ll unlock new gadgets on your present and future runs.

Respawn on the Reconstructor

If you’re having a very good run and don’t need to begin from the start while you die, discover a Reconstructor.

The main character of Returnal stands in front of the Reconstructor

Enter and respawn later!
Image: Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment by way of Polygon

The Reconstructor is a terminal that respawns you. These gadgets have a random likelihood of showing in any of the biomes you journey to. By paying an ever-altering charge in ether, you’ll proceed your journey on the final Reconstructor you used, as an alternative of the crash website the subsequent time you die.

Exchange ether for obolites

In every biome, you’ll discover a store-like space with just a few terminals. In addition to the fabricator station that allows you to craft gadgets for obolites, you can even discover an Obolite Repository.

The Obolite Repository permits you to change ether for obolites or vice versa, for a charge. This change makes probably the most sense if you’re having an awesome run, have some spare ether, however are low on well being. You also can use the repository to change ether for obolites so you possibly can craft therapeutic gadgets on the fabricator.