Returnal’s second boss, Ixion, is a flying creature that controls a round battle area within the Crimson Wastes. Defeating it requires avoiding its projectiles, dodging its area-filling assaults, and understanding what it does throughout all three phases of its combat.

In this Returnal boss information, we’ll present you the best way to defeat Ixion. We’ll clarify what strikes it has and the best way to dodge them. We’ll additionally element which assaults it makes use of in all three of its phases.

How to defeat Ixion

To discover Ixion, comply with your goal marker to a teleporter that helps you ascend the mountain. At the height, proceed to climb till you attain some cliffs on the surface of the mountain. Jump throughout the damaged platforms till you discover a round area. Drop down, and put together to face off towards Ixion.

This boss flies across the battle area whereas taking pictures at you. In the second and third phases, it makes use of area-filling assaults to hit you. In the ultimate section, it assaults with melee strikes.

If what to anticipate, Ixion’s combat turn out to be simpler. So let’s break it down, section by section.

Ixion section one assaults

During the primary section, Ixion launches a number of forms of assaults at you. Run round in a round sample and dodge when essential to keep away from getting hit.

These are the assaults you might want to look out for in section one:

  • Every time Ixion dodges, it shoots a burst of sunshine blue power bullets from its level of origin. They are largely innocent, however when you neglect they’re there, you may run into them.
  • Ixion shoots an identical burst of sunshine blue power bullets at you want a shotgun blast.
  • The boss generally shoots a stream of blue bullets in a straight line.
  • At vary, the boss shoots an increasing spiral of blue power bullets at you.

Ixion section two assaults

At the beginning of section two, Ixion slams the middle of the world inflicting a circle of crimson flame that expands from its touchdown level. Ixion provides some new assaults whereas additionally combining its projectile assaults from section one. For occasion, the boss shoots each its shotgun and straight line sample of blue bullets on the similar time.

  • Ixion shoots a blue beam into the sky that causes blue waves of power to emanate from its physique. Jump over or dodge by these. While this assaults is occurring, the boss additionally shoots blue bullets throughout the bottom and a round ball of blue bullets explode from its physique.
  • When Ixion flies off display screen, it’s getting ready for a flying assault. Ixion comes flying in and sweeps throughout the complete size of the battle area, creating a parting wave of blue power that bisects the entire space. Jump over or dodge by these. While the waves lower throughout the ground, Ixion shoots a spiral of blue bullets.
  • Ixion shoots a sweeping wave of blue bullets. These return and forth a number of instances, so get able to dodge greater than as soon as.
  • Ixion stays airborne exterior the world and shoots a large blue beam that sweeps ahead. At the identical time, it shoots an array of small blue bullets monitor you. Run away from the blue beam, and dodge the bullets proper earlier than they hit you.

Ixion section three assaults

In this last section, Ixion turns into extra aggressive. It provides melee assaults that power you to not solely dodge the bodily strike, however a projectile that will get forged after it assaults. The boss begins this section similar because the one earlier than it with a floor pound that creates a round ring of fireplace. From there, Ixion mixes up previous assaults whereas getting in shut.

  • Ixion does the identical blue rings and bullets assault because it did final section, however this time it provides extra difficult patterns of bullets to dodge.
  • The boss has a number of completely different whip-like strikes added to its repertoire. One of them is a leaping strike that creates a splash of crimson bullets. Another is a swinging strike that creates a crimson increasing ring below it. Lastly, Ixion repeatedly strikes on the floor creating a number of crimson rings and crimson bullets to dodge.
  • While it does its melee assaults, it additionally dashes and creates blue bullets behind it. Sometimes it’ll shoot a crimson wave of bullets after a touch.
  • Ixion additionally provides a brand new projectile assault that mixes gradual crimson bullets and quick blue bullets. It ends this assault with a gradual wave of blue bullets that creep throughout the ground.

After you defeat Ixion, and you’ll get the grappling hook.