Returnal’s first boss, Phrike, is a creepy, tall creature that stalks a smoky room within the Overgrown Ruins. Defeating it requires good data of its room-filling assaults, fast strikes, and what it does in all three phases of its struggle.

In this Returnal boss information, we’ll present you tips on how to defeat Phrike. We’ll clarify its strikes and tips on how to dodge them, and we’ll element the assaults it makes use of in all three of its phases.

How to defeat Phrike

To discover Phrike, observe your goal marker to the purple door with triangles that seems on the finish of your map. Once previous the door, ascend a pair of huge steps resulting in a remaining door. Behind that final entranceway is an enormous gap within the floor. Jump down and put together to face off in opposition to Phrike.

This boss stands principally on the far finish of the room whereas capturing numerous assaults at you. In the second and third phases, it dashes and swipes at you with one in every of its arms.

As lengthy as you perceive every of its assaults, Phrike is a reasonably easy boss to defeat. So let’s undergo them section by section.

Phrike section one

During the primary section, Phrike has a sequence of simple assaults. To dodge most of them, strafe left and proper across the round boss area.

These are the assaults you might want to look out for in section one:

  • Phrike raises its three fingers and shoots a barrage of orange blasts ahead at a single spot. Run to the facet as soon as fired.
  • When Phrike raises its fingers, it could additionally create a round bathe of yellow vitality bullets that develop and fall towards you. Move again, forth, and to the perimeters to keep away from them.
  • While the yellow bullets fall from the ceiling, Phrike shoots a wave of purple assaults. Strafe and sprint laborious to the left or proper.
  • If Phrike’s face glows, it’s charging up a strong beam. Phrike goals on the ground, raises its head, and shoots the beam towards you. Dodge to the perimeters.

Phrike section two

In section two, Phrike strikes and assaults so much sooner. It additionally mixes and matches a couple of assaults to alter issues up. For occasion, Phrike may shoot the laser beam whereas the yellow vitality bullets fall from the sky. It will even shoot the purple vitality bullets by themselves, however at a a lot sooner price.

Phrike additionally provides a couple of new assaults in section two:

  • Phrike sinks into the fog, masking the battlefield to teleport elsewhere. Follow the faint purple mild to see the place it’ll reappear.
  • The boss prices purple vitality into the bottom, creating an increasing purple circle on the ground. Jump over or dodge it.
  • After casting the assault above, Phrike prices at you at excessive pace and swipes at you with a glowing purple arm. Dodge to the left or proper.
  • Right after a brief cost, Phrike shoots a big, sweeping purple beam throughout the battlefield from its face. Jump over it or sprint by way of it.

Phrike section three

Phrike doesn’t add too many new assaults on this section. However, the boss instantly begins this section with the charging swipe assault. It additionally continues another assaults from the sooner phases. One of its fundamental threats is a double dose of the glowing yellow vitality bullets that fall from the sky. It’s the identical because the earlier assault, simply with twice as many assaults to dodge.

It casts a doubled up model of the purple ground rings. Again, it finally ends up this assault with a charging swipe. Be able to dodge that melee assault and soar over the 2 rings of fireside. The final of its modified strikes is the sweeping eye laser. When it shoots this, it swings again the best way it got here, so be ready to sprint by way of the laser twice.

The Phrike boss fight in Returnal

Run by way of the assaults whereas dodging the aerial pictures
Image: Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment by way of Polygon

During this section, its fundamental assault is a spinning wave of yellow bullets that you will need to weave in and out of to keep away from getting hit. While you’re doing that, it rains down small, purple vitality assaults towards you. Once the assault finishes, Phrike teleports throughout the room.