Eyewear firm Eye Mirror introduced extra additions to its ongoing line of particular glasses frames impressed by the Servants of Fate/Grand Order. The newest entries are based mostly on the Caster-class Servant Murasaki Shikibu and the Assassin-class Servant Yu Mei-ren. The designs had been teased in a tweet from the official Eye Mirror account:

The Fate/Grand Order glasses frames impressed by Murasaki Shikibu, the 10th-century Japanese creator of the Tale of Genji and Fate/Grand Order Caster, use an under-rim type patterned after Shikibu’s studying glasses. The suggestions of the arms have a checkered sample based mostly on the kimono jacket she wears, and purple accents allude to her colour scheme. The frames additionally include a beaded eyeglasses chain in the identical type.

Fate Grand Order Shikibu Glasses

Meanwhile, along with her function in FGO‘s third Lostbelt chapter, Yu Mei-ren gets a pair of glasses patterned after her outfit. While the thick black frames match up in the front, the arms have sculpted portions that resemble the red-and-black stitching on her clothing. The rear parts of the arms also have a red-and-black marble pattern to reflect Yu Mei-ren’s bloodstained colour scheme traits.

Fate Grand Order Yu Mei-ren Glasses

The new Fate/Grand Order glasses are the fifth wave in Eye Mirror’s ongoing collaboration. Previous waves included frames based mostly different bespectacled Fate/Grand Order characters, like Li Shuwen, Li Shuwen, James Moriarty, Sigurd, Hans Christian Andersen, Sakata Kintoki, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mash Kyrielight. One extra design stays to be revealed, although Eye Mirror has not said when the ultimate addition could be launched. All fashions bought include a particular FGO carrying case and cleansing material. They may help prescription lenses.

Fate Grand Order Glasses Lineup

The Fate/Grand Order x Eye Mirror collaboration glasses can be found by way of Eye Mirror’s online store, in addition to bodily places in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. The latest glasses based mostly on Murasaki Shikibu and Yu Mei-ren  JPY 15,400 and 14,300, respectively (about USD $142 and $132). Fate/Grand Order itself is downloadable for Android and iOS.