Michael Pick, “the Casual Engineer” who builds curiosities on YouTube, had a small drawback with the Nintendo Switch: “It’s really easy to lose,” he says. So he mounted it, in a means. In a massive means.

At greater than six instances the dimension of an actual Nintendo Switch, right here is the World’s Largest Nintendo Switch, and sure, all of its buttons and joysticks operate. You can watch Pick taking part in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in, uh, “portable” mode — word how he covers the A button to speed up together with his forearm, whereas utilizing his entire whole hand to steer with the humongous Joy-Con.

Of course, what’s the enjoyable of this video if Pick isn’t going to indicate everybody how he made the controllers work? Peering inside the blue Joy-Con, we see that he’s rigged up a system of servos and triggers to, primarily, create a big puppeting system that manipulates an precise, teensy-weensy Joy-Con housed inside. The Switch (displaying to the massive 4K LED display screen) is likewise housed in right here.

The console is 30 inches tall by 70 inches extensive and weighs 65 kilos. Don’t fear, it’s playable with a (non-gigantic) Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, too, which Pick makes use of to dispatch Fortnite participant Manwell65, making him the first to be eradicated in that sport (or any) by way of Giant Nintendo Switch.

Not that Pick can be taking this on the bus to play Fortnite — it’s a present to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which has an affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama, the place Pick is an aerospace software program engineer. Kids will doubtless use the Pro Controller after they need to play, however for positive, anybody who sees it will whack all the buttons simply to see what that’s like. I’d.