Last week, a wave of latest Hello Kitty items and characters hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The playing cards and the digital items that they unlock are in excessive demand. Among them, the competitors for cutest merchandise is fierce — however one has arisen as a fan-favorite. The subsequent huge “it” merchandise from the Sanrio collection is the Kerokerokeroppi bridge, an merchandise from Toby the bunny’s set.

The bridge will not be an actual infrastructure mission that may be put in to cross the river, so it’s out there to arrange indoors. It’s a fantastic little picket development that’s painted purple and covers a tiny pond.

Inspired by Hello Kitty’s buddy, Keroppi the frog, the bridge is common throughout a number of buying and selling websites and boards. It’s the most-wanted Sanrio merchandise on Nookazon as of April 1, an administrator informed Polygon. A consultant from The Bell Tree Forums, in the meantime, stated that trades associated to “Kerokerokeroppi” have been up by 48% since the playing cards have been launched. Another fan web site known as Animal Crossing World affirmed the pattern saying, the items in the Kerokerokeroppi set are “all quite popular, especially the bridge.”

People are utilizing the bridge to enhance their gardens, and even reap the benefits of its smaller measurement to play with perspective. Here are a pair examples:

The bridge is the excellent strategy to create that tranquil Zen vibe on your island. As an Animal Crossing World consultant stated, “Animal Crossing players tend to really love any items that feel Japanese themed I’ve noticed.”