One of the choices you’ll all the time be confronted with in a recreation of Civilization VI is when to ‘chop’ a pure useful resource tile close to a metropolis – the yields you get from this scale up drastically as you analysis new techs in the 4X game, so the query is all the time a matter of how lengthy you may afford to carry off earlier than cashing in for as large a bonus as you may rake in. The Harmony in Diversity mod removes this massive scaling, encouraging rulers to develop land with out planning to ultimately strip it of its pure advantages.

There are literally a bunch of adjustments launched on this overhaul mod, however the adjustments to chopping and plunder could be the largest. The thought is to encourage new methods for growth, and present extra incentives for build up specialised cities. The tech scaling for chopping and plundering useful resource tiles has been eliminated, and the modders have additionally rebalanced primary tile yields throughout the board. Popular maps have gotten bigger fertile areas, and buildings like factories now produce extra regional results.

The modders have additionally modified the approach the price of constructing metropolis districts scales up – fairly than scaling with the variety of techs and civics you’ve researched, they’ll as an alternative improve with every new district constructed.

Religions have gotten a rework to permit gamers extra selection in beliefs, there are model new coverage playing cards, and universities and banks radiate out the approach factories do in the vanilla recreation. Taken altogether, these create a complete new method to Civilization VI that’s in all probability value checking out for those who’re getting a bit tired of the vanilla rhythm.

To use Harmony in Diversity, you’ll want the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm add-ons for Civilization VI. The modders additionally advocate utilizing a bespoke collection of compatible UI mods to reinforce the expertise.