Skyrim followers will know effectively that it’s greatest to steer clear – very clear – of giants in the fantasy game. Found close to gaggles of mammoths (additionally value giving a large berth), they’re huge and really grumpy, which not solely means they will swing that membership mightily exhausting, however they will yeet your teeny weeny Dragonborn what appears like miles into the air. But, a new Skyrim mod goals to place a few of that mighty yeeting energy again into the chosen one’s palms.

Holzeils’ ‘Yeet Weapons of Skyrim’ mod hinges on a easy however satisfying premise, with the creator asking: “Ever wanted to launch someone like a giant? Now you can!” The approach this works isn’t by placing the energy to fling unsuspecting Tamriel people across the sky into your Dragonborn’s yeet-happy palms. Oh, no. Instead, it imbues a bunch of various weapons with that energy, every of which is appropriately titled so you received’t by accident mistake, say, the Yeet Bow or Yeet Greatsword together with your common, non-NPC catapulting package.

Surely impressed by battle royale game Fall Guys, the mod even provides a Daedric warhammer referred to as Big Yeetus – the title of a rotating hammer able to hurl beans from their treks across the recreation’s zany assault programs.

Sadly, there’s no footage of the mod in motion, however there may be a pleasant picture of what seems to be a Whiterun guard being launched by means of the air from the modder, which you can try under:

If you’re eager to seize the mod for your self and get yeetin’, you can discover it on Nexus Mods here. As ever, mod with warning and you should definitely try our rundowns of the best open-world games and best RPG games on PC if you’re eager to see what else is about. Or, if you fancy picking up a copy of Skyrim at Fanatical, you know the place to click on.