You might know game developer Asher Vollmer for his work on addictive puzzle game Threes! and Apple Arcade fantasy journey Guildlings. His just lately shaped studio Vodeo Games has a new game within the works known as Beast Breaker, and if ball-bouncing, brick-smashing video games like Holedown and Arkanoid (or, heck, pinball) are your factor, you would possibly wish to listen.

Beast Breaker blends a ball-bouncer with turn-based tactical technique and stars a cute mouse named Skipper. Players will decide an assault model, line up pictures (Skipper is the ball), and assault big mosaic beasts on a world-saving journey.

“Along the way,” Vodeo Games says on its web site, “you will meet a vibrant cast of characters who will help you craft equipment, master unique new fighting styles, and maybe even discover the origin of the Beasts.”

Beast Breaker is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC through the Epic Games Store this summer season. It appears neat!