Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the ragdoll-physics, set-’em-up-and-watch-’em-fight recreation from Landfall, makes a full model 1.0 launch right now. Despite the sport’s jovial nature and ironic title, the studio says this isn’t an April Fools’ Day announcement.

TABS, which launched in Early Access virtually 5 years in the past, will get multiplayer and two new factions with the 1.0 launch. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, broadly talking, permits the participant to arrange two armies — pirates with cannons and cavemen with mastodons are among the many factions — and allow them to duke it out to settle an everlasting who-would-win query, for science. So far, it’s been a single-player-only recreation.

“The number one requested feature has been multiplayer, despite it never having been on the public roadmap,” Wilhelm Nylund, a designer at Landfall and the studio’s chief government, instructed Polygon. “We have always wanted to add multiplayer to the game, so it’s great to be able to deliver that as a surprise for 1.0.”

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s 1.0 launch is joined by three different launches — once more, within the spirit of April Fools’ Day, however all three very a lot actual merchandise. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, the 2018 April Fool’s satire of the battle royale style, continues to be going sturdy and is now a free-to-play recreation.

Loadout screen for TABG, whose weapons include a “blunderbuss” and a flintlock pistol

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds started as a 2018 April Fools’ Day joke, and has since taken on a lifetime of its personal
Image: Landfall

The format change brings with it “a massive refresh” of content material, in addition to within the recreation’s networking and person interface. TABG free-to-play additionally provides “a completely new map filled with fresh weapons, attachments, and things that go boom,” Landfall mentioned in a information launch.

“The game has become a bit of a passion project for us,” Nylund mentioned. “We initially didn’t mean to update the game, but when we released it for free in 2018, we got almost 3 million downloads in the first couple of days. We never expected that big of a response to the game, so we kept updating it.”

TABG is joined by Stick Fight: The Game’s launch on Nintendo Switch. The unique Stick Fight has been out there on PC since 2018. Stick Fight, considerably like TABS, is a physics-based, platform/combating recreation; that is its console debut. “Stick Fight is the ultimate party game, which works really well on the Switch,” Nylund mentioned. “Each round is so short, and you can keep playing forever without stopping.”

And lastly, an all-new recreation known as Rounds launches on Steam. Nylund known as Rounds a “1v1 roguelike deck-building shooter,” whose gameplay is partly impressed by Slay the Spire. In it, the loser of the earlier spherical gets to select a card to enhance their construct and counter their opponent. “Losing in 1v1 is usually pretty harsh, something we have addressed with the deck-building and rubber band mechanic, making it interesting to lose a round,” Nylund reasoned. “You can always turn a game if you are dealt the right card.”

TABS continues to be Landfall’s star product, and a lot of the studio’s reside stream on Thursday afternoon was dedicated to it. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will get two new factions, every with a secret unit; two new maps and campaigns; on-line and native multiplayer, and Twitch integration.

TABS is the perfect game for Twitch and YouTube, as it’s centered around the viewing experience of watching a battle take place,” Nyund mentioned. “When we iterate on our games, we always try and make sure they’re just as entertaining to watch as they are to play.”

TABS has been out there on PC (by way of Steam and the Epic Games Store) and Xbox One since 2019 (although the 1.0 launch on Thursday applies solely to the PC model). “We have a lot of fans of the game that have been following the game for years, but haven’t been able to play it themselves […] but they love watching others play on YouTube and Twitch,” Nylund mentioned. “With the new Twitch integration, they can become part of the game themselves by having their name on a unit in their favorite streamer’s army.”

Also, the 1.0 launch means TABS followers can lastly uncover what’s behind “the door.”

“On one of the early maps, our art director, Johan Lund, added a very mysterious closed door, and the community has always speculated about what’s behind it,” Nylund mentioned. “It’s been in the game for a long time […] so finally getting to open it is a lot of fun.”

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 1.0 is $19.99 by means of Steam and the Epic Games Store. Stick Fight: The Game is $7.50 on the Nintendo eShop, and Rounds is $4.99 by way of Steam.