Have THEY gotten to you too?

Tripwire Interactive has launched the first particulars for the beforehand introduced DLC enlargement to loopy, bloodthirsty “shaRkPG”, Manteater. Coming sooner or later this summer, Maneater: Truth Quest will return to the waves for extra over-the-top boat-chomping motion.

Following on from the occasions of the 2020 Shark-’em-up, Truth Quest will enterprise into the realm of web conspiracies, as roving reporter Trip Westhaven investigates the rising rumors and theories surrounding the Naval Wildlife Organization. (four life). Supported by a military of ViewTube followers – or “Questers” – Westhaven embarks upon a boat-rocking journey (actually) to uncover the clandestine authorities stories of  armored, poisonous, and electrically powered sharks lurking in the deep blue.


“The team has been hard at work on Maneater: Truth Quest and we’re excited to announce the first details on the downloadable content that so many fans have been asking for,” mentioned Tripwire inventive director Sean McBride. “We’re aiming to give players more of what they loved from the original Maneater, with the ability to grow bigger, explore an entirely new region off the coast of Port Clovis, and evolve further tools of destruction […] we pick up where we left off and join Trip Westhaven and the shark’s journey down the rabbit hole of conspiracy and military cover-ups as you eat, explore and evolve through these uncharted waters.”

Maneater: Truth Quest will characteristic a model new Evolution set, elevating the XP cap to 40, rising most shark measurement, and providing a collection of new organ evolutions – giving the array of advanced “hunt” creatures and the new “Uber” apex predator, you are going to want them, chum. If this wasn’t hazardous sufficient, then new army adversaries will arrive to assault your shark pal by land, sea, and air, decided to fill you stuffed with holes with out the help of any fuel canisters.

Additionally, two new modes are incoming in the type of a ring-based Time Trial problem and a tail-whipping new mini-game referred to as “Failure to Communicate.” All of the above ought to present hunters of the Blue Planet with greater than sufficient content material to guarantee no Maneater fan goes hungry come the holiday-making season.

The Maneater: Truth Quest DLC will launch this summer on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms, priced at $15.99. A Nintendo Switch port of Maneater will launch May 25.

…And in case you’ve tricked me, Tripwire, then you are gonna want a much bigger boat.