Navigating Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…’s Desert is complicated and irritating. There’s an enormous sandstorm that obscures your map (and is stuffed with wolves) that makes it exceedingly straightforward to get misplaced.

In this Nier Replicant information, we’ll inform you the place to discover the Royal Compass, an merchandise that helps you navigate that sandstorm.

Reach Facade (after which depart)

To traverse Nier Replicant’s pesky sandstorm, you’ll want the Royal Compass. To discover it, you’ll want to attain Facade as half Nier Replicant’s essential story.

Your first go to to Facade includes a whole lot of tourism and speaking to folks. After that, you’ll head into the Barren Temple.

The Royal Compass turns into obtainable someday after you come back from the Barren Temple. It received’t be obtainable immediately — you’ll seemingly have to depart and return a pair instances. Better but, do a pair facet quests when you’re on the town.

The Royal Compass

There are two guards outdoors of the King’s Mansion on the east facet of Facade.

Nier Replicant Royal Compass

Collect the Royal Compass from the Masked Soldier at the King’s Mansion.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Toylogic/Square Enix through Polygon

After you’ve returned from the Barren Temple (after which left Facade and got here again), converse to the Masked Soldier on the proper facet of the the door.

He’ll hand you the Royal Compass as a thank-you for the whole lot you’ve performed. If he doesn’t, attempt leaving city and coming again. Doing quests for folks round city additionally appears to make it obtainable, particularly “The Littlest Hero.”

With the Royal Compass in hand — simply having it in your stock — your map of the Desert works even in the sandstorm. You’ll nonetheless have to take care of the wolves, although.