Valheim has so much going for it. Living off provides from day after day as you scour international lands for materials to forge weapons and armour from feels tense and exhilarating. A mere voyage throughout the ocean to face one other boss can show soothing or traumatic, relying on how the wind is blowing. Valheim additionally exceeds in its quieter moments as you slowly piece collectively cool bases and constructions, solely breaking to enterprise out for extra provides. While there’s heaps of stuff you are able to do in Valheim, although, enjoying Pokémon isn’t considered one of them.

That’s not a limitation for everybody anymore as somebody has managed to carry the interest of GameBoy emulation to the Viking survival game with a brand new mod. Mixone’s Valheim GameBoy mod plonks the outdated handheld gaming system straight into your recreation and makes it a buildable aspect. It is perhaps, uh, a bit greater than you bear in mind.

You can discover the mod for your self, we’re certain, however, if you happen to’re considering of utilizing it for greater than ornamental functions, it’s value holding in thoughts that Mixone isn’t supplying any ROM recordsdata because it wouldn’t be authorized.

You can see it in motion down beneath:

Sometimes night falls but you don’t want to go to sleep just yet from valheim

If you’re on the lookout for Valheim building recommendation, you recognize the place to click on.

Image credit score: Mixone93