Bandai Namco’s provided loads of appears at Other Suppression Force members in Scarlet Nexus. Now, now we have a greater have a look at gameplay footage and a type of Others. The firm took to Twitter to share footage of a boss battle. Namely, individuals get to look at Yuito, Luka, and Tsugumi battle Slippy Chinery in Scarlet Nexus boss battle footage.

The video does greater than present what individuals can anticipate from the recreation. It affords perception into how one can strategy Slippy Chinery. This Other is sort of a chameleon. It will mix into the environment. Yuito can borrow Tsumugi’s Clairvoyance to see the place the foe is. Then, since it’s dowsing itself and hiding in oil, fireplace is its weak spot.

Here’s the full Scarlet Nexus Slippy Chinery boss battle in the hospital with Yuito, Luka, and Tsugumi.

Scarlet Nexus will come to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on June 25, 2021. People who pre-order get unique costumes and beauty gadgets for Kasane and Yuito to put on in-game. An anime adaptation can also be in improvement.