…it’s not. 

Some time in the past, Capcom turned victim of a ransomware attack, by which the corporate’s inside paperwork had been accessed and leaked. One of the paperwork that leaked was a Resident Evil Village advertising settlement between Sony Interactive Entertainment and Capcom, the wording of which has been grossly misinterpreted by Xbox followers.

A “Feature, Content, and Technical Parity” clause within the settlement states:

During the time period and for seven years thereafter, writer will guarantee every model of the sport accessible on PS platforms maintains content material, characteristic, and technical parity (topic to materials platform limitations) with any equal model of the sport or DLC launched on some other aggressive platform or PC/cell platform. Publisher won’t launch the sport or any DLC on any aggressive platforms or PC/cell platform on an unique foundation, or supply any further content material or any further options or advantages to finish customers of the sport on any aggressive platform or PC/cell platform on an unique foundation.

In layman’s phrases, the paragraph above implies that Capcom will be certain that the PlayStation variations of Resident Evil Village aren’t technically inferior until there are platform limitations (therefore, “subject to material platform limitations”). This paragraph doesn’t imply that Sony has requested Capcom to restrict Xbox Series X variations.

As identified by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, the wording of the settlement isn’t something out of the odd, and Microsoft has related Xbox writer license agreements in place.