Yostar has revealed the sunshine cruiser USS Boise because the second new Azur Lane shipgirl for its upcoming main occasion. The occasion options United States-inspired Eagle Union. Despite carrying a diving masks and carrying an oxygen tank, USS Boise claims she can’t dive for lengthy as a result of she isn’t a submarine.

Azur Lane‘s Japanese Twitter account noted her mask might give a wrong impression this new shipgirl would be difficult to approach. However, she is actually a normal and honest girl whose personality is a bit reserved. She also gets along well with her sister USS Honolulu, who is also considered to be shy.

CL-47 USS Boise will be the fourth Brooklyn-class light cruiser to appear in Azur Lane — or the sixth if both St. Louis sub-class cruisers count. Besides CL-48 USS Honolulu, CL-46 USS Phoenix and the class lead CL-40 USS Brooklyn previously appeared.

After World War II, the U.S. Navy sold USS Boise to the Argentine Navy, giving her the new name ARA Nueve de Julio. Although she served together with USS Phoenix — which received ARA General Belgrano as her final name, Nueve de Julio would be retired earlier in 1978 and then sold for scrap.

USS Boise and the previously revealed USS San Francisco will be available through a limited construction pool in the upcoming event. USS Boise will have an Elite rarity with a 2.5% drop rate, while USS San Francisco will be a Super Rare shipgirl with a lower rate of 2%. Manjuu will reveal more details for the new event at the game’s Chinese 4th Anniversary stream set to broadcast on Bilibili on May 23, 2021, at 19:00 UTC+8 (7 AM ET).

Azur Lane is straight away obtainable on Android and iOS. The new Eagle Union faction occasion will start in all areas on May 27, 2021.