It has been found that Bandai Namco has registered two trademarks in Europe for the GameCube series, Baten Kaitos. The trademarks cowl Baten Kaitos Origins and Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Although the trademarks might be normal renewals it will be superb if the series was really revived. What can be attention-grabbing is that Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean was by no means launched in Europe which is the place these trademarks have been registered.

The Baten Kaitos series takes place in a world the place humanity lives on a series of island-nations within the sky. These islands are the final livable remnants of a poisoned Earth that was devastated a thousand years in the past within the War of The Gods. The residents of the sky nonetheless are affluent having been aided by numerous benefits, together with Wings of the Heart- the manifestation of the human spirit within the type of usable wings-, Magic, Magnus- a expertise that permits the essence of an merchandise to be saved inside small card-like objects-, and Machina- mechanical expertise. Their lifestyle nonetheless is at risk as the traditional Gods energy start to return and threaten the world.