After a tough few weeks of bugs for Destiny 2’s new Season of the Splicer, Bungie revealed one other ache level: Seasonal Challenge XP wasn’t working correctly final season.

Since Season of the Chosen ended and Season of the Splicer started, gamers have complained about earning less XP from Seasonal Challenges (a new, weekly Challenge system that provides massive XP positive aspects for taking part in Destiny 2’s numerous actions). Turns out that the XP achieve is a bug, however not in the manner you may anticipate.

In a statement on Friday, Bungie mentioned that the bonus XP that gamers can earn from the season cross didn’t correctly go away at the finish of season 12 — the season that launched alongside Beyond Light. That meant that lively Beyond Light gamers went into Season of the Chosen with bonus XP boosters from the earlier season. Players who accomplished Seasonal Challenges in Season of the Chosen then bought huge positive aspects, greater than Bungie meant.

Bungie determined to depart the bug and never talk it to gamers. And since the studio debuted Seasonal Challenges in Season of the Chosen, gamers constructed their expectations off of the inflated numbers. Bungie fastened the bug between Season of the Chosen and Season of the Splicer, however didn’t talk in the patch notes that there could be an XP change.

The Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenge menu

Each week, gamers get new Challenges to finish.
Image: Bungie through Polygon

The new XP values for Season of the Splicer are the appropriate values, and Bungie mentioned gamers ought to anticipate this type of payout going ahead. The studio additionally revealed that gamers can inform how a lot of a season cross rank they’ll get by the kind of XP listed on the problem (though it will probably shift barely relying on XP boosters in the season cross):

  • Extra Large XP offers 0.5 season cross rank
  • x2 Extra Large XP offers one season cross rank
  • x4 Extra Large XP offers two season cross ranks
  • x8 Extra Large XP offers 4 season cross ranks

“We mistakenly did not acknowledge this bug during Season 13, and we missed it in the 3.2.0 patch notes for Season 14,” mentioned Bungie, including, “We apologize for the confusion with these changes.”

But the studio identified that gamers who full each Seasonal Challenge will nonetheless exceed season cross rank 100 and earn each reward by the finish of every season. Bungie additionally promised to control suggestions and information to make sure that gamers are proud of the modifications.

Messing with XP is a slippery slope for Bungie. Not solely does it have an effect on how highly effective gamers are or the rewards Guardians can decide up from the season cross, it additionally elements into Destiny 2’s real-money store. A couple of weeks into every season, Bungie gives gamers the probability to purchase ranges on the season cross, permitting those that have extra money than time to skip the grind. Any change to the XP system — whether or not unintended, like this one, or purposeful — definitely reminds gamers that they’ll at all times kick some money in in the event that they wish to degree sooner.

With the implementation of Bungie’s disastrous Transmog system this season, the studio is already beneath a microscope. This XP clarification could be cheap in most seasons, however hurts somewhat extra coming in after Season of the Splicer’s frustration. It harkens again to the early days of 2017, when gamers found that they had been truly incomes much less XP towards beauty rewards than the sport was telling them.

Bungie mentioned it ought to take gamers about as lengthy to progress by the season cross because it did throughout Beyond Light. But if it doesn’t, the riled-up Destiny 2 fan base will certainly let the studio know.