One part visible novel horror game, one part point-and-click detective game, Critters For Sale is all existential terror. A highly-stylised five-part sequence, every led by a special protagonist at a special level in historical past, the first episode is free on Steam now.

Adequately describing Critters For Sale, from developer Sonoshee, isn’t simple. There’s components of Disco Elysium and its choice-based surrealism, the general unease of the Silent Hill sequence, and bits and items of Life Is Strange, The Dark Pictures Anthology, Nier: Automata, and lots extra apart from. Channeling concepts from Middle-Eastern and North African folktales, you management 5 totally different individuals who discover themselves at a pivotal level in a wrestle in opposition to an unknowable pressure, and thru your selections, they’ll survive, or everybody’s doomed. Usually videogames carry on.

“The game puts you in the shoes of characters that marked the unseen history of the world as we know it, right in the center of events that portray a cosmic force looming above, vouching for evil, wanting to see you and your world crumble,” reads the Steam page. “The actions and choices you make throughout the game influence the outcome of each episode, ultimately leading to your death or survival. Evade your doom, and you might be able to make a difference in the grand scheme of things.”

You can play the 5 episodes – Snake, Goat, Monkey, Dragon, Spider – in no matter order you want, and there’ll be a number of endings relying on what you select, and whether or not you kill the cursed cat or not. Snake is freely out there on Steam now.

Check out the trailer:

Critters For Sale launches on June 3.

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