The subsequent Fate/Grand Order occasion has kicked off, and its title is “Lady Reines’s Case Files,” the beforehand teased crossover with the Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files collection. In an replace on the official site, Aniplex revealed particulars of the occasion and the way it will play out.

The titular “Lady Reines” refers to Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, younger head of the El-Melloi mage clan. She performs a significant function in each the Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files collection and within the occasion. She additionally joins the playable roster as the most recent Fate/Grand Order Rider-class Servant. Just as Waver Velvet merged with the Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang as a way to manifest as a Servant in FGO‘s world, Reines joined up with another Three Kingdoms-era Chinese luminary, Sima Yi. Sima Yi was chief adviser and regent to the kingdom of Wei and gained fame for repelling repeated invasions by Wei’s rival kingdoms within the second century. Accordingly, Reines is an Arts-element Rider with a robust defensive play type. Her Noble Phantasm is exclusive in that it may possibly negate class-based affinities quickly, stopping enemies from exploiting class benefit.

Check out her Noble Phantasm:

Also becoming a member of the roster through the Lady Reines’s Case Files occasion is Astraea, the third 4-Star Ruler-class character in Fate/Grand Order. The Greek goddess of justice has chosen a mortal vessel within the type of Luvia Edelfelt, a Fate franchise alum finest identified to followers of the Prisma Ilya spinoff and gamers of the Fate/Stay Night: Hollow Ataraxia enlargement. As a Ruler, Astraea takes solely half injury from most different lessons, and her expertise emphasize Critical Hit-based injury dealing.

Here’s her Noble Phantasm, alongside Emiya (Assassin)’s:

As for the occasion itself, Lady Reines’s Case Files is a mission-based occasion. Fate/Grand Order Players will play story quests to unlock repeatable free quests, and attain numerous aims (comparable to killing a specific amount of particular enemy varieties). Event Craft Essence tools acquired free of charge forex will be geared up to spice up the spawn charge of particular enemies and shorten the grind. Certain Servants even have injury bonuses when deployed, so gamers with a deep bench can make the most of their roster to easy the proceedings.

Players may even achieve entry to Gray, Lord El-Melloi II’s assistant from the Case Files collection, and an Assassin-class Servant. clearing the primary quest line will unlock her completely for future use.

The Fate/Grand Order Lady Reines’s Case Files occasion runs till May 13, 2021. The recreation is straight away obtainable on Android and iOS.