Back initially of May 2021, Square Enix shared extra footage of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie DLC. Now, individuals can get a extra static have a look at the episode. Square Enix’s newest announcement entails higher appears at individuals and minigames. To be particular, there are FF7R INTERmission Fort Condor, Nero, Ramuh, and Scarlet screenshots taken from the FFVII Remake Intergrade DLC.

First, the FF7R INTERmission Fort Condor phase is a real-time strategic minigame. It will probably be a method to win objects like materia. You select a board and your items. For instance, the shared screenshots present Yuffie with a Starter Board and Kyrie with a Battalion Board 1. Each unit is a protection, ranged, or vanguard unit. They all behave otherwise and are efficient in opposition to completely different items. Your purpose is to wipe out the enemy’s base by deploying items. Also, it’s also possible to use materia as soon as per match.

Ramuh is a brand new summon within the FFVII Remake FF7R INTERmission add-on. His new screenshots confirmed two electrical expertise. Voltaic Lance is an ordinary type of assault, whereas Judgment Bolt is his final.

Scarlet, voiced by Erin Cottrell, will play a bigger position in FF7R INTERmission than in FFVII Remake. Her new screenshots present her in Crimson Mare armor. She’s one of many Shinra forces Yuffie will face throughout her materia heist.

Finally, there’s Nero the Sable, brother of Weiss the Immaculate. He’s a Deepground Tsviet Yuffie and Sonon will face.

There are additionally a couple of new screenshots of Yuffie and Sonon’s FFVII Remake restrict breaks. She can use Bloodbath, whereas he can carry out Dance of the Dragon.

FF7R Episode INTERmission, which is the Yuffie DLC, will launch on June 10, 2021. The PS5 normal version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade contains it. However, PS4 house owners who improve their copy might want to pay further for the add-on.