The FFVII Remake Intergrade key artwork is right here, and it would offer you a sense of deja vu. Square Enix revealed the new artwork for the most important sport. Once once more, it exhibits the full solid of characters folks journey alongside. They’re additionally proper at the outskirts of Midgar once more. However, this time we’re seeing them from a completely different perspective. Rather than head-on, we’re seeing the occasion from behind.

Here’s the FFVII Remake Intergrade key artwork. From left to proper, folks can see Tifa, Barret, Cloud, Aerith, and Red XIII.

ffvii remake intergrade key art

As a reminder, right here is how the FFVII Remake key artwork seemed. It’s primarily everybody in the identical pose as they’re in the Intergrade image. We get to see them from the entrance, although.

ffvii remake intergrade key art

This is definitely the second piece of key artwork related to FFVII Remake Intergrade. Yuffie’s DLC has its personal picture. The FF7R INTERmission picture once more exhibits the characters from the again. Only that point, it’s Yuffie and Sonon searching over Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will come to the PlayStation 5 on June 10, 2021. That can also be when the FF7R INTERmission Yuffie DLC will debut. As a reminder, PS4 homeowners entitled to the free PS5 improve of the sport do must pay further for the Yuffie DLC.