Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s up to date DLC, Intergrade, involves PlayStation 5 on June 10, and new footage from Square Enix shows how its star Yuffie Kisaragi will look on the PlayStation 5 console.

Instead of including extra to Cloud Strife’s journey, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will convey an altogether totally different story and characters to the sport. Intergrade follows Yuffie Kisaragi and her companion Sonon Kusakabe, two ninjas from the Wutai authorities on their very own quest to steal Shinra Electric Power Company’s strongest materia.

Square Enix’s video follows Yuffie as she makes an attempt to attain her first goal: Rendezvous with Avalanche HQ. The gameplay footage is from fairly early on in the sport and doesn’t reveal something too large or new. Still, listed below are 5 issues we observed:

New lore particulars on Avalanche HQ

We’ve met the brand new Avalanche workforce briefly in earlier trailers, and now we get extra on the solid supporting Yuffie on her quest, Avalanche HQ. Unlike the extra militant Avalanche unit from Remake, “HQ is more peaceable and aims to free the people of Midgar from the corporation,” Square Enix mentioned in a information launch.

There are 4 new supporting characters: Zhijie, a Wutaian who resides in Midgar and might be a information to Yuffie; Nayo, who provides Yuffie and Sonon their IDs to get round Midgar; Polk, a younger member of the workforce who enjoys taking part in a sport referred to as Fort Condor; and Billy Bob, a personality who gathers intelligence by going to the bar.

New areas of Midgar

We see extra of Yuffie navigating an enormous, stony terrain with destroyed buildings, an space that appears prefer it’s someplace on the outskirts of Midgar. Later on, we additionally see her make her method by a brand new manufacturing unit space full of obstacles that exhibit her agility. Yuffie can glide alongside vertical steel constructions and swing from hanging contraptions. Also, it seems like gamers might be throwing her shuriken a ton to gather objects from bins and hit switches.

Track down animals and objects

Yuffie is a materia hunter, so her duties middle on looking and monitoring down objects and animals. In one scene, a person named Old Snapper in the Sector Seven slums sends her on a quest to search for flyers throughout city, and Yuffie finally ends up monitoring down some stray cats. In one other scene, she mentions a moogle she’s in search of.

Another brush with Don Corneo?

This is not confirmed, however it seems like there may very well be some kind of quest regarding Don Corneo, the mafioso of Wall Market and an antagonist from Remake. We don’t see him in this footage, however we do see Yuffie struggle a band of his lackeys, which means there is perhaps some kind of bigger encounter there. Then once more, that would simply be a random encounter with a few of his underlings.

More of Yuffie’s preventing expertise

The footage primarily shows off how Yuffie will feel and appear in battle. Her weapon — an outsized shuriken — provides her long-distance and close-up fight talents. Players can throw (and retrieve) her shuriken as a ranged weapon or, when up shut, Yuffie can slash it round as if it have been a sword or knife.

As for particular talents, Yuffie has one which adjustments the factor of her weapon — hearth, ice, lighting, or wind. This permits her to take better benefit of an enemy’s weaknesses. Then, as we’ve seen earlier than, she will carry out tag-team assaults with Sonon, who you possibly can’t management as a personality, however can problem orders to.

For probably the most half, Square Enix’s newest trailer was about displaying off Yuffie on the PlayStation 5. We did not get any extra key story particulars or perception into characters just like the mysterious villain, Nero. Still, the brand new trailer shows Yuffie in action, trying simply as wonderful as after we first noticed her in her lovely moogle cape.