For these dissatisfied by the use of hallucinations to clarify the presence of monsters – whether or not that be ghosts or demons – within the endings of earlier entries within the The Dark Pictures Anthology, you’ll be glad to know that the monsters this time spherical are very actual certainly, and pose a really actual risk.

In an interview with PCGamesN, government producer on House of Ashes Dan McDonald discusses the “negativity and perception” across the hallucination thread in Little Hope and Man of Medan with us, confirming that in House of Ashes’ underground temple location the monsters this time spherical are “not hallucinations – there is something down there. It’s real.”

This time they’re very actual, very horrifying monsters that understand the world in another way from people. We catch a short glimpse of the monsters in motion in a preview, and McDonald mentions that Houses of Ashes displays inspiration from movies resembling Aliens, The Descent, and Predator. McDonald additionally tells us about how the impact of these creatures was crafted, with the devs having “used a bunch of props, stilts, and other things, because these things are otherworldly; they do have different physiology. They do have different makeup to us, they’re built differently”. He explains that the use of mocap was “a great place for [them] to start” in attaining a way of this, additionally noting that “they perceive the world in a different way”.

As the monsters slink out and in of the shadows, snatching our bodies which have fallen into the catacombs, we see nimble, shadowy figures that look subhuman. They additionally make a ghastly noise. We do know just a little historical past on the temple location itself, which was erected round 2250 BC through the reign of Naram-Sin, ruler of the Akkadian Empire, as an providing of peace to the gods – particularly Enlil, the god of earth, wind, and storms. It appears the temple providing didn’t patch things up, and when Akkad fell, the temple was misplaced beneath desert sands.

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Although the 5 playable characters are geared up with weapons – being army personnel on a mission in Iraq – it doesn’t seem like bullets will essentially be all that efficient on these creatures. It’s additionally not fairly clear what number of of the monsters are lurking within the temple itself, however talking about his love for zombie movies, McDonald confirms “they’re definitely not zombies” as “they’re fast, so you have to work out how you can get away from them and survive.” Gulp.

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McDonald additionally confirms we’ll additionally must “work out what these things are, where they’ve come from, how you can kill them, and what they’re vulnerable to.” So, count on a struggle towards some huge, dangerous beasties and one thing far much less ephemeral when House of Ashes drops. There’s no launch date simply but, nevertheless it’s anticipated to reach a while in 2021.

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