As you discover the planet Atropos in Returnal, you will see that many treasure chests out in the open on ledges or in hidden alcoves. Most of them present no extra resistance than a attainable cloud of malignant vapors, or a lock you should open with a key. Some of them, nonetheless, are locked away by the setting itself.

If you come throughout such a chest in the primary biome, you will see that a collection of vertical columns, like jail cell bars. Neither your sword nor your weapons can remove them straight, so you should search for an alternate methodology.

A hidden switch in Returnal

Shoot this change to open the door
Image: Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment by way of Polygon

The trick is to discover a change panel on a close-by wall. It is orange, with a round patch of sunshine glowing at its middle, and it may be simple to miss if you happen to’re not in search of it. Sometimes, the panel is straight overhead, or on a wall to the aspect. Other occasions, you will have to circle across the space barely.

Wait till you may have eradicated any close by enemies that may function a distraction, then begin your hunt for the change. A single shot out of your gun will set off the change and remove the irksome bars so you’ll be able to strategy the chest with out additional resistance. You’ll by no means have to look far to discover the change, however generally it’s hidden behind a destructible stone statue or comparable obstruction.

Since the objects in these chests have a tendency to be higher than ordinary, it’s value spending slightly time looking for the switches that allow you to attain them.