It’s really true: following a leak late last night, Victoria 3 has been confirmed as the next grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studios. I used to be half-joking once I predicted it might be introduced a few months in the past – there have been different bets you could possibly make – however evidently the meme was too highly effective to withstand.

Announced at present at the finish of PDXCon Remixed’s opening show, Victoria 3 is a strategy game about economics, industrialisation and international diplomacy throughout the iconic ‘Victorian era’ of the 19th century. Starting in 1836 and rolling proper by to 1936, you’ll be capable to play any considered one of over 100 nation-states and information it by considered one of the most tumultuous durations of human historical past.

While warfare is a robust theme for the period, Victoria 3 will focus simply as a lot on issues like politics and social actions. It’s making an attempt to create a residing, dynamic ‘society simulation’ the place you’ll spend as a lot time preventing your inside factions by shrewd deal making as you’ll one other state by pressure of arms. One of the headline options will likely be a brand new ‘Diplomatic Play’ system, which represents the next evolution of diplomacy mechanics in these sorts of video games. This system sounds particularly fascinating, however we’ll dive extra into it at a later date.

Let’s pause a second to take a look at the announcement trailer, simply in case you had been nonetheless considering this is a joke:

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Like in Victoria 2 (and as we later noticed in Imperator: Rome and a couple of.0+ Stellaris), ‘PoPs’ make a return as an vital level of interplay on your nation. The world of 1836 allegedly contained round 1 billion folks residing in it, and these souls have all (roughly) been grouped into heaps of a number of thousand people that every signify one ‘unit’ of inhabitants.

The elevated affect and relevance of your inhabitants and the ‘interest groups’ that they subscribe to is an vital think about the game. These teams can wield vital energy, which brings consequence to actions in a manner the earlier game didn’t fairly mannequin as neatly.

Martin Anward is the game director for Victoria 3. He was beforehand game director for Stellaris, and led the sci-fi 4X game out of launch and into its 1.5 period, which was notable for altering the manner enlargement, warfare, and FTL mechanics labored.

There’s a lot extra to speak about from our preliminary briefing, however we will put it aside for additional evaluation coming over the next couple of days. Just know that it’s actual, and that we might want to discover a new meme. Imperator 2 when?

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Victoria 3 at present has no launch window, however it’s coming to Steam, Microsoft Game Pass, and the Paradox Store.

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