KIKU Television, a channel in Hawaii, introduced that it’s going to cease airing Japanese and Filipino exhibits ranging from June 28, 2021. Instead, it is going to air ShopHQ 24/7. Shows which can be ongoing will wrap up by June 28 in order that viewers can get closure. KIKU and different stations owned by RNN National LLC in cities reminiscent of New York and Los Angeles will probably be affected by this choice. [Thanks, ANN!]

KIKU Television has aired tokusatsu, anime, and tv exhibits reminiscent of Abarenbo Shogun in the previous. In the previous, KIKU ran a FUNimation block, airing episodes of Baki the Grappler and Kiddy Grade. Currently, it’s airing Japanese exhibits reminiscent of Partners and Iryu. According to KIKU Television’s Facebook page, their program schedule will probably be barely complicated in order that they’ll air finales for exhibits reminiscent of Kita no Kuni Kara. The solely present that they will be unable to finish is Partners 15.

Other tv channels owned by RNN embrace KSCI Los Angeles, WRNN New York City, and KUBE Houston. iMedia lists these channels, amongst others, on their press release about ShopHQ. Over 20 million properties will begin to see RNN channels air ShopHQ in late June.

KIKU Television and different stations owned by RNN National will air ShopHQ 24/7 ranging from June 28, 2021.