You can discover Resident Evil Village’s Lone Road chest as you come to the Village from House Beneviento, however that’s lengthy earlier than you’ll be able to open it. In Polygon’s RE8 Lone Road chest guide, we’ll present you how one can open the Lone Road lock field, the place to search out the Lone Road key, and reveal the treasure you’ll get on your effort.

Luiza’s Heirloom, Luiza’s Necklace, Luiza’s Key

To get the Lone Road chest key, you might want to discover a necklace. And to search out the necklace, you might want to get an heirloom. It’s first accessible in the course of the “Collect Rose: 2/4” goal, which occurs after you come from House Beneviento.

Make your means again to the Village, and head east by way of the Church yard and the Fallow Plot, stopping on the treasure chest in entrance of Luiza’s House (which you’ll see within the map above). The treasure chest icon is labeled Luiza’s Heirloom in your map. Open it, and also you’ll get Luiza’s Necklace.

Examine Luiza’s Necklace, and also you’ll uncover the Necklace Stone.

But wait — there’s extra! Examine Luiza’s Necklace once more, and also you’ll uncover Luiza’s Key. That’s it. That’s the answer. That’s the merchandise that you might want to unlock the Lone Road chest.

Lone Road chest key

Travel again to the Lone Road, which is west of the realm throughout the Village the place the Duke, a typewriter, and the Altar are. Head by way of the gate, and take the primary (exhausting to see) door in your left (which is south on the map).

Resident Evil Village Lone Road chest key map location

Graphic: Dave Tach/Polygon | Source photos: Capcom by way of Polygon

Open the Lone Road chest, and also you’ll obtain Cesare’s Goblet, a Very Valuable treasure. Sell it to the Duke for 19,000 lei.

Cesare’s Goblet Resident Evil Village

Cesare’s Goblet is your reward.
Image: Capcom by way of Polygon