At the very finish of the Final Fantasy XIV May 2021 Fan Fest actions, there was a closing announcement. FFXIV Lead Composer Masayoshi Soken and Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida introduced that Soken composed music for the sport whereas combating most cancers in 2020. Soken stated he’s now “almost in full remission” and was cleared to attend and carry out on the occasion with THE PRIMALS by his physician.

Soken started by saying he wished to speak about one thing in his private life. After expressing his thanks, he then introduced in round March 2020 he was recognized with most cancers. He stated he “didn’t really tell anyone at that time.” Until October 2020, he spent 6-7 months hospitalized, being handled. He stated he didn’t wish to sit there and do nothing. So, there was a “special arrangement” the place Soken each fought most cancers with chemotherapy and composed FFXIV music on the identical time. He particularly talked about engaged on patch 5.three music and “To the Edge.”

Soken additionally stated “it was because I wasn’t treated differently, because you gave me the same amount of work, the same kind of orders that you always do you, that made it feel like nothing had changed. That’s what got me through this.”

After Soken’s announcement, Yoshida tearfully spoke about what occurred. He confirmed Soken didn’t inform anybody to maintain them from worrying about him or for his sickness to have an effect on their efficiency. Yoshida then stated, “Welcome back, Soken” and expressed the way it was a “tough decision to talk about this or not.” Yoshida additionally stated, “Soken said, ‘If I don’t have something to do, then I don’t have anything to live for. So don’t change anything.’”

Here’s Soken’s response to #WelcomeAgainSoken trending on Twitter following the announcement.

You can hear Soken’s announcement at in regards to the 10:36:30 mark of the FFXIV Fan Fest 2021 Day 2 stream, after THE PRIMALS efficiency of music from the sport. (THE PRIMALS live performance begins after the 8:43:56 mark.)

Final Fantasy XIV is offered for the PlayStation four and PC. The PlayStation 5 model’s official service will start May 25, 2021. FFXIV Endwalker will launch November 23, 2021.