In New Pokémon Snap, Diancie is the Mythical Pokémon you could find in Outway Cave. In this New Pokémon Snap guide, we’ll showy find out how to discover Diancie, so you may add it to your Photodex.

Unlike different Mythical Pokémon in earlier routes, it is not going to simply seem in entrance of you. You’ll must lure it out from behind some crystals.

To bait it out, it’s a must to do the next:

  1. Take the alternate route to the crystal cave supplied in rank 2.
  2. Throw Illumina Orbs on the Mawile and two Carbinks which are standing collectively on the entrance of the crystal cave.

Diancie will come out from behind the crystals to the correct of you . You can throw Illumina Orbs at her to get her to do some fancy animations.

Bringing out Diancie may also make the Mawile sitting in the course of the crystal room flip round, unlocking one other alternate route. This secret route has a brand new Vivillon colour, in addition to Jolteon, so ensure to take that route if you wish to full your Photodex. This route requires you to lure out Diancie everytime you wish to take it. It doesn’t keep unlocked after you clear the extent.