In New Pokémon Snap, there are alternate routes behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle. Running a scan in Founja Jungle close to the waterfall will inform you that there’s a secret route, however Rita say that the close by sleeping Liepard is in the best way.

In this New Pokémon Snap guide, we’ll clarify methods to transfer the Founja Jungle Liepard, permitting you entry to the waterfall route in Founja Jungle.

Neither of the routes beneath open completely, and also you’ll have to maneuver the Liepard each time you play the extent.

Accessing the Founja Jungle waterfall through the day

During the day in Founja Jungle, you’ll be able to transfer the Liepard by firing Illumina Orbs at it till it jumps off the rock. You’ll must throw Illumina Orbs earlier than it will get comfy and settles down on the rock, so you need to begin throwing them on the Liepard as quickly because it’s in your visual view.

Once it’s gone, you’ll be able to scan and take the trail behind the waterfall.

Accessing the Founja Jungle waterfall at night time

To transfer the Liepard at night time in Founja Jungle, transfer the Pikipek which are additionally sitting with it. As quickly because the Pokémon are inside your visual view, play music. This will make the Pikipek get up and fly off.

Next, hit the Liepard with Fluffruit to make it stand up and depart. A Morelull will stay on the rock, however you don’t must do something to it to entry the trail.

After chasing off the Liepard, you’ll be capable to scan and entry the waterfall.