New Pokémon Snap’s deep ocean, Lental Seafloor, is full of mysterious water-type Pokémon that you simply’d solely discover under the water. Lental Seafloor doesn’t have separate day or evening ranges, but it surely does have an Illumina Spot.

Lental Seafloor has a very massive second route that opens up as soon as the you hit rank 2. A Clawitzer close to the start of the extent will blast the rocks away from an alcove, permitting you to go deeper into the water to ruins. Fire an Illumina Orb at it, and hold it lit up till it shoots on the rocks. Doing this may energy it up, making it robust sufficient to interrupt by way of to the brand new space.

The Maricopia island has three totally different areas, Blushing Beach, Maricopia Reef, and the Lental Seafloor.

A couple of Pokémon have particular necessities to seem, like utilizing Illumina Orbs or throwing Fluffruit. There are additionally Pokémon that can solely present up if you stage up the realm’s rank, so in case you’re not seeing some Pokémon we’ve got mapped out, it’s possible you’ll must rank up first.

In our New Pokémon Snap guide, we’ll list out the totally different Pokémon you could find on every Lental Seafloor route, full with a map. We could also be lacking just a few Pokémon from the areas as a result of the sport has tons of interactive options, however we’ve got discovered all of the Pokémon listed under within the space.

Pokémon within the Lental Seafloor

A map of the Lental Seafloor

Image: Bandai Namco/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo by way of Polygon

  • Luvdisc
  • Alomomola
  • Mantine
  • Magikarp
  • Corsola
  • Pelipper
  • Wailmer
  • Wailord
  • Pyukumuku
  • Sharpedo
  • Cradily
  • Squirtle
  • Lumineon
  • Qwilfish
  • Inkay
  • Clawitzer
  • Tentacruel
  • Clamperl
  • Octillery
  • Chinchou
  • Lanturn
  • Starmie
  • Frillish
  • Golisopod
  • Lugia

Pokémon within the Lental Seafloor’s Illumina Spot

A map showing all the different Pokémon in Lental Seafloor’s Illumina Spot

Image: Bandai Namco/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo by way of Polygon

  • Wailmer
  • Finneon
  • Luvdisc
  • Wailord
  • Wishiwashi