With the attainable exception of the odd nuclear conflict, Civilization has all the time been a slightly optimistic, aspirational recreation – even the primary theme for Civilization VI, Sogno di Volare, is about gazing into the sky and dreaming of a brighter future. But what if all of it goes flawed? Well, then you’ve gotten a 4X game like Punk Wars, which is due out later this yr.

Punk Wars is, just like the Civilization sequence, about competing for territory and assets in a hex-based world. This world seems fairly a bit grubbier than the one you discover in Civilization – it’s already been destroyed by the short-sightedness of societies that got here earlier than, and the earth has been remodeled into the sort of barren hellscape acquainted to anybody who’s watched a Mad Max film or two.

Punk Wars has heavy emphasis on fight, and your techniques will rely on which flavour of survivor civilisation you decide. There are the hopeful steampunks, the darker and mysterious dieselpunks, the disciplined and regimental steelpunks, and the technology-obsessed atompunks. Each one has its personal distinct visible model, which you’ll be able to pick within the trailer under.

We just like the distinction between the blasted wasteland and the intense ’60s-style sci-fi arcologies of the atompunks, particularly.

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Each faction has its personal concept of what a “brighter future” seems like, and also you’ll pursue completely different approaches to scientific improvements with each.

Punk Wars is scheduled for launch a while in 2021, however you’ll be capable to check out a demo throughout the Steam Next Fest, which kicks off June 16.

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