It’s the finish of the world as we all know it…

It’s powerful being a member of melodramatic counter-terrorist strike team Rainbow. One second your saving hostages and Fuzing your individual teammates, the subsequent you’re actually the final hope for the continued survival of all mankind. At least that is what’s Rainbow Six Siege followers are being led to imagine in the multiplayer shooter’s model new event: Apocalypse.

Kicking off right now and working by May 18, Apocalypse is a limited-time event that sees a handful of Team Rainbow’s operators tasked with defending the final bastion of life after some dreadful, ungodly warfare. The new mode sees a group of Defenders — comprised of Maestro, Melusi, Rook, Smoke, and Valkyrie — defending Earth’s final dwelling plant from a group of Attackers, consisting of Fuze, Gridlock, Maverick, Nomad, and Twitch.

What this basically boils right down to is a scaled-down variant of the “Bomb” recreation mode, with the intriguing distinction that Defenders can transport the plant (or “bomb”) round the map, making it more durable for Attackers to pinpoint its whereabouts. To even up the odds, Attackers have entry to room scanners, providing them a heads up as as to whether a Defender is in an adjoining room (however not telling them precisely the place in stated room they’re situated).

In maintaining with the Apocalyptic theme, the new mode takes place of the much-maligned Outback map, which appeared like Judgement Day earlier than it received its apocalyptic total. Of course, all of the collaborating operators obtain delightfully Mad Max-style skins, which can be found to buy in Rainbow Six Siege‘s Alpha Packs. The very coming of the Four Horsemen is perhaps on the horizon, however there’s at all times room for Loot Boxes. I have to say that Melusi in explicit seems to be very badass, like she’s simply wandered in from Apex Legends.