Collecting every considered one of Resident Evil Village’s objects, unlocking every door or drawer, and discovering every crystal fragment will preserve Ethan alive. That’s why we advocate turning your map blue in our newbie’s guide. One space in Castle Dimitrescu, the Courtyard, gave us lots of hassle, although.

In this RE8 walkthrough, we’ll inform you the place to seek out every item in Castle Dimitrescu’s Courtyard space so it’ll lastly flip blue and get marked as “Search Completed” in your map.

Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard objects

You’ll attain Castle Dimitrescu’s Courtyard whereas making an attempt to “Find Dimitrescu’s Chambers.” Once you acquire the Sanguis Virginis key item — the flowery bottle of wine — from the Kitchen, take that as much as the Wine Room on the second flooring. Place it in the flowery wine holder, and also you’ll get the Courtyard Key.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom through Polygon

There are 5 objects to gather in the Courtyard, and you may seize all of them in your first go to:

  • As quickly as you enter, flip left and smash the vase for some handgun ammo.
  • To the fitting of the doorway, smash one other vase for some steel scrap.
  • Check the bushes simply to the southwest of the gazebo for a(n) herb.
  • In the northeast nook, search for a vase with rusted scrap. This one is tough to identify as a result of it’s not in opposition to the wall and this nook is dimly lit.
  • Along the southern edge, search for a dangling birdcage. Shoot it down to gather some lei. This is the primary of a number of birdcages you’ll discover in Resident Evil Village, so study to look at for them.