Starting very early in Resident Evil Village, you’ll begin discovering wells. Their areas will get marked in your map, however you received’t discover the important thing merchandise you want — the nicely wheel — till a lot later within the recreation.

In this RE8 walkthrough, we’ll inform you the place to seek out the nicely wheel key merchandise, each nicely, and inform you filter the nicely with ladder room.

Resident Evil Village nicely wheel key merchandise location

After you defeat Lady Dimitrescu and escape the citadel, you’ll discover your strategy to the Altar space. While you’re finishing the “Find the house with the red chimney” goal, you’ll struggle an armored lycan close to an Iron Insignia Key gate.

Use the Iron Insignia Key to open the gate.

Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 8: House with red chimney

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom through Polygon

Go by means of the door to the left of the ladder. To the correct, you’ll discover the nicely wheel (lastly).

Resident Evil Village nicely areas

There are six wells scattered round RE8’s village.

The first 4 wells within the village are instantly accessible when you decide up the nicely wheel.

  • West Old Town. The nicely behind the very first home you noticed in West Old Town has a lockpick inside.
  • Maiden of War. The nicely to the southeast of the Maiden of War statue has a picket animal (head) treasure.
  • Church. The nicely behind the Church has a Necklace with Two Holes treasure.
  • Fallow Plot. The nicely within the southeast of the Fallow Plot — it’s behind the home the place you met the survivors simply earlier than Luiza’s House — has a pipe bomb inside.

The subsequent nicely you’ll discover is on the way in which again from House Beneviento after defeating Donna and Angie. On the north facet of the Garden space, you’ll discover a nicely with the Madelina (head) treasure. (This is similar home the place you’ll discover the second labyrinth puzzle.)

The last nicely is slightly trickier each to seek out and to filter. It will get its personal part.

Well with ladder location and objects

After you defeat Moreau and return from the Reservoir, you’ll have each the boat key and the crank key merchandise. Take the crank to the drawbridge alongside the Lone Road. Lower the bridge, cross it, and also you’ll discover one other boat.

Take that boat north alongside the Mountain Stream. At the north finish of the stream, you’ll discover one other drawbridge. This one leads you again to the Carpenter’s House — the primary home you discovered after escaping Castle Dimitrescu.

Using the nicely wheel right here will increase a ladder. At the underside of the ladder, you’ll discover a room with just a few easy-to-miss objects.

Resident Evil Village well with ladder location and items

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom through Polygon

In the room with the hanging loss of life panels, examine the correct facet for a mine. Climb up the panels alongside the correct to achieve a path above you. Turn left for a pipe bomb.

Interact with the management panel to show all of the lights inexperienced. Cross to the southwestern nook and shove each of the carts out of the way in which. Don’t drop down but, although — seize the shotgun ammo from the rocks within the nook.

Drop onto the cart within the middle of the room, and use it to climb over to the west. Smash the crate for an explosive spherical. Drop by means of the outlet within the ground.

Grab the magnum ammo and flashbangs, after which open the chest for a massive pigeon blood ruby.

Unlock the gate and head again out. Check the inexperienced water(?) on the backside of the ladder for a lockpick.