When you first begin Returnal, you don’t have entry to many gadgets. You’ll doubtless end up dying so much and repeating the sport’s cycle. However, one of many issues the sport doesn’t let you know instantly is you can unlock new gadgets as you play. These new gadgets will bolster your capabilities and may make it easier to survive longer. One technique to unlock new gear is with Datacubes and Datacube Processors.

In this Returnal guide, we’ll clarify what Datacubes are. We’ll additionally element what limitations the gadgets have and easy methods to discover Datacube Processors so you’ll be able to retrieve new gadgets in future runs.

What are Datacubes?

The Datacube tutorial display screen says:

Datacubes comprise the blueprints for Weapons, Artifacts or Consumables.

You can unlock the merchandise comprise inside by discovering and inserting it right into a Datacube Processor. After this you get a replica of the merchandise and now you can discover it elsewhere on this planet.

You can carry just one Datacube at a time. Carried Datacubes are misplaced upon dying.

You can usually discover Datacubes hidden within the elective aspect path rooms or different particular areas.

Once you could have a Datacube in your possession, you have to keep alive or else you’ll lose it. Since Datacubes are usually not everlasting gadgets, you’ll need to survive lengthy sufficient till you discover a Datacube Processor.

These terminals are sometimes present in tough to achieve areas. For occasion, the primary Datacube Processor you’ll discover is situated within the room you’ll be able to enter after you defeat Phrike. Another widespread place to discover a Datacube Processor is in a room proper earlier than getting into the world for the third boss, Nemesis. To discover this room, you must climb via a gauntlet of lasers and harmful enemies.

If you reside lengthy sufficient to carry a Datacube to a Datacube Processor, insert the dice into the terminal. This will add a model new weapon, artifact, or merchandise to your stock. In future runs, the brand new merchandise you unlocked will be part of the cache of substances you randomly discover all through Returnal.

Datacube Processors are one of many few methods you’ll be able to unlock and add new gadgets to Returnal. A much less harmful technique of receiving new gadgets is thru the Cthonos. You’ll discover this terminal on the crash website you begin every run from. To use the Cthonos all you want is a handful of ether.