There are loads of issues Returnal doesn’t let you know. Thankfully, a kind of tough ideas — breaking orange-yellow barriers — has an easy resolution.

In this Returnal information, we’ll present you ways to break yellow-orange barriers, clarify the place you’ll encounter them, and present you the merchandise required to shatter them.

How to break orange-yellow barriers

As you journey by means of every biome in Returnal, you’ll come throughout enemies who’re coated in a purple barrier. Work towards beating the sport’s first boss, Phrike, and also you’ll unlock the Atropian Blade, a sword that enables you to break issues like obolite chunks and slash by means of purple vines. It may also allow you to dispatch enemies in purple barriers.

However, it’s possible you’ll come throughout yellow-orange barriers that block doorways or cowl gadgets. Your blade in its commonplace kind can’t break these.

The Blade Balancer in Returanl

You want th Blade Balancer to break orange barriers
Image: Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment by way of Polygon

To break orange barriers, you have got to fabricate an artifact referred to as the Blade Balancer, a device yow will discover randomly at fabricators all through Returnal. You’ll often discover the Blade Balancer accessible for fabrication on the similar station you discover the Obolite Repository. It’s a bit expensive, so you might have considered trying to change ether for obolites to craft it.

With the Blade Balancer outfitted, your sword will energy up, permitting you to shatter yellow-orange shields the identical method you’d purple ones.

Keep in thoughts that artifacts just like the Blade Balancer are usually not everlasting gadgets in Returnal. If you die and restart your run, you’ll not have the artifact in your stock. You’ll have to depend on luck to run throughout this merchandise once more in order for you to break orange-yellow barriers.