Returnal’s third boss, Nemesis, is a large creature flanked by minions, all of whom you face on the finish of the Derelict Citadel. Defeating it requires information of its large-scale assaults and what it does in all three phases of its struggle.

In this Returnal boss information, we’ll present you the right way to defeat Nemesis. We’ll clarify its strikes and the right way to dodge them, and we’ll element the assaults it makes use of in all three of its phases.

How to defeat Nemesis

To discover Nemesis, observe your goal marker to the pink door with triangles that seems on the finish of your map. Heading towards this goal brings you to a tower stuffed with laser traps and a number of enemies. Once you attain the highest of the tower, you’ll discover Datacube Processor and an Obolite Repository earlier than a pathway towards the boss.

When you enter the boss chamber, your character passes out and wakes up in a dreamlike enviornment. Nemesis floats within the distance capturing bullets all through the complete struggle. Multiple floating monsters that shoot lasers additionally help the boss. Despite the dimensions of your opponent and the quite a few companions it has, Nemesis solely has one space the place it takes injury: a giant pink spot within the heart of its physique.

As lengthy as you perceive every of its assaults, you may defeat Nemesis. Let’s undergo every section of its assaults one after the other.

Nemesis section one

During the primary section, Nemesis and its minions do primary variations of their assaults. The principal boss shoots bullets whereas its two minions fireplace sweeping lasers throughout the oblong battlefield.

These are the assaults it is advisable look out for in section one:

  • The principal assault Nemesis does is a volley of orange bullets. To dodge these, run all the best way to both facet of the sector and as soon as you might be nearing the sting, sprint within the different route, and hold transferring.
  • Occasionally, the ghostly head of Nemesis shoots an array of purple bullets. Keep transferring to both facet to keep away from them.
  • When one of many minions flies to the higher nook of the display, they shoot a sweeping laser diagonally throughout the sector. At the identical time, Nemesis shoots a wave of blue bullets. Run towards one facet to keep away from the laser then transfer ahead or backward to keep away from the bullets.
  • When the minions take a place on the underside of the display, they shoot sweeping horizontal lasers throughout the sector. Jump over these or sprint by them. While that is taking place, Nemesis shoots a sluggish volley of blue bullets.

Nemesis section two

During the second section, Nemesis transforms the battlefield and disappears. The platform you’re standing on breaks aside into smaller items and floats in area.

To discover Nemesis, search for its minions. Once you discover them, bounce and grapple throughout the platforms and anticipate the arrival of the primary boss.

Nemesis and its minions use these assaults in section two:

  • Nemesis continues doing its regular stream of orange bullets. It additionally often shoots out a blast of blue bullets.
  • Whenever you see two minions capturing lasers on the ground, get able to bounce then sprint midair to keep away from the dual set of pink round lasers that seem on the ground. The timing for it is a bit difficult.
  • Nemesis additionally combines assaults just like the orange and purple bullets.
  • The minions and the boss proceed the sweeping horizontal laser and bullet assault from section one, however this time, the companions sweep their lasers again and forth. Be ready to dodge this twice.
  • In uncommon circumstances, Nemesis disappears mid-fight and reappears on one other platform. If so, you’ll have to leap and grapple to that space to proceed the confrontation.

Nemesis section three

The third section of the Nemesis boss struggle is totally not like the opposite two.

After the tip of the second section, Nemesis destroys the complete battlefield and you’ll start floating midair. From there, floating platforms rise from the clouds, and the boss positions itself distant from you.

You should grapple on prime of the floating platforms to make your technique to Nemesis. Depending on what weapon you’ve got, you’ll be capable of hit the boss from fairly distant. You’ll know you’re hitting the boss in case your reticle adjustments when firing, indicating impression.

Nemesis and the minions solely have just a few assaults this section, however they hit exhausting.

  • The solely assault Nemesis does is a large spiraling wave of blue bullets. Stand on a platform and weave between the bullets.
  • The principal assault the minions do is a yellow laser. You’ll know they’re readying the beam when their faces glow yellow. First, 4 beams of sunshine shoot from their head. Then because the lasers come collectively, they arrive down towards you. Once the beam heads down, it maintains its vertical path. So because it strikes down, dodge to the left or proper to keep away from it.
  • The different assault from the minions is a large pink laser. When a minion’s face glows pink, instantly bounce off the platform you’re on and grapple to a brand new one. Once the laser is shot, the minion destroys the platform you had been beforehand standing on.

The final section requires a little bit of platforming whereas dodging assaults. It generally is a bit tough, however for those who learn to anticipate the assaults from the minions, this section is simple.