In Returnal, parasites are non permanent upgrades that take the type of sentient beings. When you connect one to your swimsuit, it supplies each a optimistic and unfavourable impact till you take away it or die.

As with weapons and most different gadgets, you possibly can study a parasite earlier than you purchase and equip it. Your show will checklist the optimistic and the unfavourable impact, eliminating any guesswork. You may also combine and match as many as six parasites.

Some parasites and artifacts could have an impact that counteracts a unfavourable impact put in place by parasite you could have already geared up. For occasion, you might discover a parasite that slows your weapon’s alt-fireplace cost fee. That is a unfavourable impact, however one other parasite or artifact would possibly enhance your harm dealt whereas your alt-fireplace shot is recharging, which turns the impact right into a web optimistic.

A parasite in Returnal

“Slowstitch” parasites are among the greatest within the recreation
Image: Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon

Pay shut consideration to artifacts and parasites you come throughout for that reason, and keep in mind that generally the fitting selection is to depart a parasite the place you discover it. You don’t essentially wish to equip a parasite that produces a optimistic impact if it additionally damages you everytime you open a chest, for example.

Though parasites could seem nearly wherever, understand that they’re particularly prone to seem in bonus rooms (accessed by discovering a degree of yellow vitality on a pedestal or in an alcove that doesn’t seem on the map). If you drop right into a room filled with purple acid bubbles, break all of them aside along with your sword and sometimes you’ll reveal a parasite or two.