If you’re not conversant in the roguelike style, you is likely to be stunned to be taught that most of the items you choose up in Returnal disappear after you die. Try once more, and you have to recollect items.

However, there are some items that survive your repeated reincarnations.

In this Returnal guide, we’ll clarify what items are permanent and which of them disappear with every loss of life. Knowing what items observe you all through your journey will enable you higher perceive the way to keep alive within the harmful world of Atropos.

Permanent items

The most easy method to know which items are permanent is by citing your menu and heading to the Status display.

Permanent items list in Returnal

These are the one permanent items
Image: Housemarque/Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon

The Status menu reveals you loads of particulars, like your present swimsuit integrity, your adrenaline stage, your present parasites, and which permanent tools you have got. There isn’t lots of permanent tools in Returnal, however the items you discover come from a number of milestones.

Many of Returnal’s swimsuit augments come from story development. For occasion, you’ll get a grappling hook after defeating the second boss, Ixion, and also you’ll hold it all through the remainder of the sport. Items — just like the Crimson Key you get for beating the primary boss, Phrike — may even turn out to be part of your stock as you progress by the story.

Other items you choose up within the sport, like obolites and keys, are impermanent. However, ether does carry over between playthroughs. Ether is a precious useful resource used for exchanges on the Obolite Repository or for paying the payment to make use of the Reconstructor. It may also cleanse malignant objects.

The solely different permanent items within the sport are the Xenoglyph ciphers you choose up in every biome. These glowing pink items of alien textual content enable you decode messages scattered all through the panorama. As you discover extra, you’ll extra precisely decrypt the message plates in every of the sport’s worlds. Finding all of the Xenoglyph ciphers is necessary for getting some Returnal trophies.

Non-permanent items

Just about every part else you choose up in Returnal disappears out of your pockets while you respawn. Whenever you restart the cycle, the one factor you retain from earlier runs is your handgun and no matter swimsuit augments, key items, and ether you have got.

One factor value noting is that items you unlock on the Cthonos in the beginning of recent runs not solely get added to your stock that run, but in addition start showing in future playthroughs.