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My curiosity in romantic fiction actually solely blossomed after I used to be married. That could sound a bit backwards, however I all the time discovered romance whilst you’re alone and single to be a bit like consuming an enormous bag of pizza rolls. Your mind could let you know it’s precisely what you need, however it’ll go away you with a horrible feeling in your abdomen and the vacancy will doubtlessly return earlier than lengthy. Now that I’ve a husband, that vacancy is gone and I can cram as many pizza rolls into my face as I would like with out feeling the terrible side-effects. I can delve into the drama of fictional romance after which escape to my secure real-life one.

I discover quite a lot of romantic fiction to be trite, structurally comparable, and mired in widespread themes and tropes. I nonetheless take pleasure in a superb love triangle, fish out of water, or the previous “will they, won’t they?” story, however I perceive that’s simply mind sweet. A very nice romance is taking two characters and telling you why these two imperfect individuals want one another. Or three or extra characters, because the case could also be. I’m not judging. But in Perfect Gold’s case, it’s two characters.

Prefect Gold (PC)
Developer: Yangyang Mobile
Publisher: Yangyang Mobile
Released: April 19th, 2021
MSRP: $7.99

Starting with a prologue that tells the story of two women admitting their emotions for one another for the primary time, Perfect Gold then transitions to a yr later after all the things has lengthy since fallen to items. Audrey Clary and Marion LaRue have by some means gone from a blossoming younger couple to spiteful enemies. The story then hops between the 2 characters, demonstrating the previous they shared collectively, the current the place they’ve an opportunity for reconciliation, and all of the damage in between. Meanwhile, the narrative coyly withholds what occurred a yr in the past that poisoned the waters.

The pair are mages at school to hone their respective crafts. Their combating has led to detention on the day of the Sunflower Festival. Having missed it the earlier yr due to withheld causes, the 2 determine to sneak out of detention to attend. You’re then given bits and items about what drew these women collectively and what tore them aside.

It’s an efficient construction, one that gives bits and items to maintain you all through. You’re left to surprise how such a promising romance hit the rocks so quick. Who was accountable? How has it taken a yr for them to even try reconciliation once more? What’s left between them? Sit down and hear.

There are quite a lot of flavors of visible novel on the market; a few of them are closely selection pushed choose-your-own adventures, whereas others aren’t. Perfect Gold shouldn’t be. You’re typically given one option to make each few chapters, and often they simply relate to how a lot of a bitch you need to be. They’re not notably significant decisions, and it’s often fairly apparent which one is the fallacious one. There’s a couple of ending, nevertheless, so perhaps don’t be petty if you’d like some precise romance in your life.

Just be aware; you’re right here for the story. It’s additionally not sexually charged, so in case you like your romance with a little bit little bit of filth, you’re not going to seek out it right here. It’s two younger characters working by their issues collectively. It’s cute, so that you’ll need to go elsewhere for stimulation.

Speaking of which, everybody has totally different requirements for love, so it’s not going to hit everybody the identical means. As I’ve already talked about, it manages to eschew typical depictions of relationship points and tells a really human story. There are not any harems or darkish pasts to be discovered right here, simply the errors and missteps of youthful love. It doesn’t spin its wheels too arduous on sentimentality both. There is quite a lot of warm-hearted nuance right here, however it hardly ever descends into platitudes.

The artwork is interesting as effectively. The romantic CG scenes all the time really feel like they’re value a more in-depth look (‘H’ to cover your UI), that includes subtleties that convey out their sincerity. The characters are expressive, and whereas the backgrounds are unvaried, they do present the physician really helpful quantity of element.

As is typical, there’s not quite a lot of motion available and the sport is dialogue solely, which means that motion is unusual and unsatisfying when it does occur. If you’re acquainted with the visible novel style, you most likely already understand how disposable the soundtracks often are, and this does nothing to interrupt the mildew.

The builders estimate the sport’s playtime at about two hours, however I don’t know how one can hearken to the dialogue and nonetheless make that point. Even with that in thoughts, it’s pretty brief, however it’s priced accordingly. It’s a decent story, inserting you within the presence of a small handful of different characters, permitting it to be concise as doable. “Short and sweet” can be the cliche descriptor right here, and it proves to be correct on this case.

I discover it tough to make a advice on a visible novel within the first place, not to mention a romantic one. These issues simply imply various things to totally different individuals. Some can have nothing however apathy for the style as an entire, some are jaded in direction of sentimentality, and others can’t get by an in-game relationship with out the promise of some nipple. Then there’s the saps like me who traverse minefields looking for the tales that may drill into our hearts.

Perfect Gold is one such sport that did handle to hit paydirt. It’s completely stable, and discovering a story, even within the VN style, that deserves to be referred to as that may be tough. The characters are flawed with out being annoying, attention-grabbing with out being archetypal, and the storytelling does an awesome job of specializing in them. It’s worthwhile in case you’re into watching two individuals in love whereas figuring themselves out.

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Perfect Gold reviewed by Zoey Handley



Impressive effort with just a few noticeable issues holding it again. Won’t astound everybody, however is value your time and money.
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