Roblox, a massively standard platform the place individuals go to play and make video video games, not desires the public to consider it as a platform the place individuals go to play and make video video games. As Roblox now tells it, it’s a place to go and revel in experiences.

Why does this matter? It all has to do with the ongoing Epic Games’ vs. Apple Computer trial, the place the game developer and writer is suing Apple for allegedly stifling competitors on the App Store. During courtroom proceedings on May 6, Epic attorneys introduced up the Roblox app as a part of a long-winded dialogue about what’s allowed on the App Store.

Apple has a certification course of to make sure that all of its apps are in compliance with its pointers. Apple not solely treats video games otherwise from apps, it has traditionally rejected game streaming companies, justifying that stance by whether or not the service’s iOS app can host “a store within a store.”

Roblox, which permits customers to spend a digital forex inside player-created video games, theoretically might circumvent Apple’s insurance policies on vetting all content material, together with its guidelines about storefronts inside apps. Fornite was primarily taken down from the App Store for breaking the similar pointers.

Even Apple acknowledged this when a advertising and marketing head, Trystan Kosmynka, expressed “surprise” that Roblox was authorised for the App Store in 2017 in an e mail. Kosmynka then defended this resolution throughout the trial by saying Apple didn’t take into account Roblox to be a place the place individuals go to play video games.

“I look at the experiences that are in Roblox similar to the experiences that are in Minecraft,” Kosmynka mentioned. “These are maps. These are worlds. And they have boundaries in terms of what they’re capable of.”

On May 14, inside the Roblox platform, all cases of the phrase “game” disappeared. For instance, the “games” tab now reads “discover.” When requested why these modifications had been applied, a Roblox consultant advised Polygon that, “The term ‘experiences’ is consistent with how we’ve evolved our terminology to reflect our realization of the metaverse.”

But the timing strongly means that Apple scared one among the greatest gaming corporations in the world — greater than half of US kids under age 16 logged on to play Roblox in 2020 — into renaming what are, clearly, video games as by some means not being video games.

While content material inside Roblox might be construed, technically, as “experiences,” most choices are additionally nonetheless video games. Roblox makes use of its personal coding language and suite of instruments to assist game creation, permitting complete game studios with roughly 40-person groups to spring up round the platform. These video games — which embody racing video games, pet simulators, 3D platformers, and even first-person shooters — are profitable sufficient that in 2020, greater than 300 of Roblox’s builders earned round $100,000, a Roblox consultant advised the Wall Street Journal.

On May 17, muddying issues even additional throughout the trial, Apple mentioned it’s okay with video games inside apps as long as the firm behind the app takes duty for the content material. Phil Schiller, one among the firm’s Apple Fellows, additional testified that Roblox’s video games can keep on the platform since they’re made by “creators” and never formal game “developers.”

Roblox builders, Schiller appeared to argue, aren’t the similar as full-fledged game makers — so it’s OK for Roblox to exist on the platform. (Fortnite, it must be famous, additionally hosts a number of player-created ranges, video games, and maps.) As of this writing, nonetheless, copy on some official Roblox content material nonetheless eschews phrases like “game.”

Before 2021, Roblox has been coasting on close to invisibility — however now, with an IPO underneath its belt, the platform not solely will get mainstream consideration, but additionally the scrutiny that comes with it.