Imposter Syndrome

It’s time to put in your Sherlock Holmes hat and re-open your detective company. Publisher Playism has introduced that the super-cool, ultra-hip “social deduction” sport Gnosia will probably be coming to PC later this 12 months, following its launch on Nintendo Switch again in March.

Developed by Petit Depotto, Gnosia is a darkish and quirky story of a bunch of people collectively on a drifting spaceship. Among these people are a number of “Gnosia”, a shape-shifting being hell-bent on replicating and eradicating its human hosts. Players should use social abilities, dialog, and intestine instincts to verify which characters are actual and that are Gnosia, confining these accused to suspended animation. But will you accurately determine the imposters, or condemn harmless events to the “Cold Sleep”?

This distinctive gameplay — harking back to tabletop titles of the “Werewolf” style — performs out towards a repetitive and ever-evolving narrative, permitting gamers to grow to be higher acquainted with characters and hopefully a bit of more proficient at recognizing the imposters. Gnosia provides a novel and distinctive idea for a online game, married to a cool solid of characters and a few very trendy artwork course. Check out CJ Andriessen’s Switch review to learn his ideas on the surreal, sci-fi expertise.

Gnosia launches on PC through Steam later this 12 months. It is obtainable now on PS Vita and Switch.