Every time I open Facebook, I see ads for T-shirts that mix one humongous popular culture phenomenon with one other humongous popular culture phenomenon. Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction, besides they’re stormtroopers from Star Wars, for instance. Well, this Civilization IV mod is in that very same vein: it adds Genshin Impact’s nation of Mondstadt as a playable civ in the massively common 4X game.

Genshin Impact – Mondstadt by Kevin Liu is a powerful piece of labor, it seems. With Mondstadt, you get three Genshin Impact characters as leaders: there’s Fischl, Barbara, and Noelle. The civ has its personal distinctive district, the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. This replaces the Government Plaza, and it has an outer defence and gives bonus facilities throughout peacetime.

Mondstadt’s distinctive unit is the Outrider Knight, which replaces the skirmisher, or Rise and Fall’s scout. You’ll want the Rise and Fall DLC to make use of this mod, by the way in which. The Outrider Knight can get Wind Gliders, which provides them +1 motion once they start a activate a hill.

You’ll be capable to give the mountains, rivers, and lakes you uncover names that will match proper into the world of Teyvat, and the barbarians that spawn in will seem as Genshin Impact’s Hilichurls. There’s even a working Statue of the Seven, the place items can go to obtain immediate therapeutic.

Head to the Genshin Impact – Mondstadt mod page on the Steam Workshop to subscribe to and set up the mod. It’s a large obtain, because it additionally consists of 40 minutes of background music taken immediately from Genshin Impact that the mod will intersperse with the remainder of Civilization VI’s soundtrack. Mercifully, Paimon won’t sing Baba Yetu on this mod.

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