Watch out for wind-up toy lizards and UFOs

We’ve constructed and run digital cities as all-powerful mayors earlier than, but not quite like this. In MeNic Games and Mastiff’s PC city-builder Tinytopia, we’re working with wobbly miniatures in precarious locations.

The sport is much less of a typical data-heavy city-builder with a lot of minutia to fret about — which will be enjoyable in its personal proper! — and extra of a lighthearted physics-based playground. You’ll stack buildings on prime of one another to rework them into “megastructures” and hope they do not topple over.

Tinytopia additionally has problem levels with distinct hooks, whether or not it is constructing a well-balanced city on a teetering ruler or crafting an island retreat that may maintain up in opposition to a knock-off Godzilla wind-up toy.

In a note from the publisher, Mastiff stated the group is seeking to contact up the sport earlier than it releases on Steam this yr — they need to enhance the UI, tutorials, and writing, add in new stage objectives and achievements, and work in “a new illustrated Instructor to guide players through Tinytopia.”

The sport appears to be like cute, which is one thing I’ve not often if ever stated about a city-builder.